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Christmas Trees: Live vs. Artificial

Posted by Andie on November 29, 2017


When it comes to most decisions in life, I've found that making a pro's and cons list is one of the best ways to figure out where you stand.  Christmas trees are no different!  Here are my own personal pro's and cons when it comes to live vs. artificial Christmas trees.....

via pinterest

Live Christmas Trees:

- Such a fun experience going to the Christmas tree farm or the woods to pick your own tree and cut it down with your family!
- Gives your home an amazing evergreen smell
- You get to start over with a new tree every year- different, height, shape, etc.
- You don't have to store an artificial Christmas tree year round.  
- Feels charming & old fashioned
- You can have a bonfire with it after Christmas!

- You spend $$ every year on a Christmas tree
- You have to string the lights on branches every year
- Trees can shed pine needles, making a mess
- Not good for some people with allergies
- Sometimes they die before Christmas if you aren't diligent about watering.
- You have to figure out how to get rid of it after Christmas.


via pinterest

Artificial Christmas Trees:

- You don't have to re-string lights on branches every year
- You can get a flawless, 'perfect' to your standards tree every single year
- You save $$ in the long run because you get a great return on your investment
- It's easy.  No going to a tree farm/dressing up for the cold/cutting down a tree required.
- You don't have a chance of your Christmas tree dying mid-December.

- You've got to have ample storage space.
- Not quite as idyllic as a live Christmas tree.
- No fresh evergreen smells.


So, there you have it.  In the end, despite the long(er) list of cons associated with it, I'm still a sucker for a live Christmas tree.  Where do you stand??


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Wired vs. Wireless Headphones

Posted by Alyssa on November 28, 2017


You may be familiar with the great debate of wired vs wireless headphones. Questions of sound quality, convenience, expense, and connectivity are bounced back and forth when it comes time to decide which type of headphone you want to invest in. We’ve listed the pros and cons of wired vs wireless headphones to help you make your decision. 

Wired vs Wireless Headphones


If you’re very concerned about sound quality, you may want to stick with wired headphones. While the difference in sound quality isn’t too big, most people agree that wired headphones have the better sound. Wireless headphones have definitely been closing the gap when it comes to sound quality, but it will depend on the price range of headphones you purchase.

wired vs wireless


If you hate dealing with cords, wireless is the way to go. Wireless headphones use BlueTooth to connect to your devices and allow you to listen to your audio without having to worry about accidentally pulling the cord and losing your music. On the other hand, wireless headphones are powered with batteries that need to be charged. If you forget to charge your batteries, you may lose your audio all together when your headphones die. You also need to make sure you are staying somewhat close to your device - distance will create interference to your audio.

Wireless headphones are simple to use - just stick the cord into the headphone jack and you’re good to go. The cord is also the power source so you won’t have to worry about charging any batteries. If you are moving around a lot, though, the cords may get in your way and become a nuisance.



Wired headphones work with pretty much any device that has a headphone jack and wireless headphones work with pretty much anything that has BlueTooth connectivity. You will want to check the devices you are planning to use with your headphones to make sure that you’ll be able to actually use them with your headphones. Because some headphones can be quite the investment financially, think of the future as well. If you are planning on purchasing a smartphone that doesn’t have a headphone jack in the future, that will be something to take into consideration before you make your purchase.


All in all, the decision between wired and wireless headphones comes down to how you are going to be using the headphones. If you sit at a desk all day and just want to listen to music while you work, wired headphones are a great option. If you are on the move and hate dealing with cords, you’ll want to look into wireless. Either way, RC Willey has all the headphones options you could ask for. Check it out and let us know which ones you would love to have!

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Sony or Samsung TV?

Posted by Alyssa on November 27, 2017


If you have been wondering whether you should purchase a Samsung or Sony TV, you’re not alone. With so many brands and types of TVs available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one you want to buy. Unfortunately, asking whether to get a Samsung or Sony TV is such a broad question that it can be difficult to answer. However, if you are wanting some basic guidance to know which one to pick, RC Willey is here to help you out.

First of all, it’s important to remember that one brand is not necessarily going to be better with every single TV option. Both Sony and Samsung are known for the innovation and quality of their TVs, but you’ll need to do your research when it comes to specific TVs. I’ve come up with a short list of general information about each brand to give you a general ideas about each brand. 

Sony vs Samsung TV

 If you’re concerned about your TV keeping a low profile, the thickness (or thinness!) of your TV is important. Samsung is known for how thin their TV’s are. Their goal is to have the thinnest TVs possible, and they’ve gotten pretty close. Sony definitely still has thin TVs, but they aren’t as focused on slimming things down as Samsung.

watching tv

The picture quality is really difficult to determine on brand alone. It would depend on the quality and price of TV within the brand. Samsung makes TVs that are very bright, which is helpful when trying to block out ambient sunlight. Sony’s picture quality is also reliably good, but like I said, it really depends on the quality of TV within each brand. This is something you may want to go into the store to check out for yourself.

Both Sony and Samsung offer quality Smart TVs. Sony’s Smart TVs are centered around Sony entertainment network interface. This means that in order to open apps like Netflix or Hulu you need to register your device with Sony by going onto Sony’s website. This is not difficult to do, but can be a hassle. Samsung has put a lot of emphasis in their Smart TV and their interface is extremely easy to use. One cool thing Samsung has done is include a universal search option so you can find content across any available app.


This guide won’t be an answer to all your questions, but hopefully it gives you a general idea Samsung and Sony TVs. Check out all TV options at RC Willey and if you have more specific questions, let us know below!


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Wii U vs PS4

Posted by Alyssa on November 26, 2017

gaming consoles

We’ve already discussed the differences between a variety of video game consoles, but what about Wii U vs. PS4? Which one should you pick between those two? With the holiday seasons coming up and wishlists being written, it’s time to figure out which gaming console is right for you! 

Wii U vs PS4

Wii U

The great thing about a Wii U is that it is perfect for families or groups of people to play games together. It has lots of games that are appropriate for all age levels, most of which are exclusive to the Wii U. If you have an old Wii and a large collection of games for it, they are compatible with Wii U, so you’ll be able to keep playing your favorites.

video games


PS4 is a good console for not only playing games, but also for streaming other entertainment.  This makes it more of a hub of entertainment than the Wii U. There are so many games available for the PS4, and you can experience games in a completely new way with new Virtual Reality games that are available.


Which would you rather have? Wii U or PS4?


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10 Christmas Home Decor Essentials

Posted by Andie on November 25, 2017

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it's time for me to get serious about decorating my house for Christmas!  Ha!  I know that's old news for many of you, but as much as I wish I could, I just can't get on board the whole decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving thing.  So, whether you're done decorating already, or just starting, here is a a checklist of 10 essentials when it comes to decorating for the holidays... 


1. Christmas Tree
This is no surprise to any of you.  Obviously, you want a Christmas Tree!  Whether you prefer live trees or artificial, natural, flocked, or colored, bushy or sparse- there is something in the Christmas tree department for everyone!  While Christmas trees adorned with one style of type of ornament can look flashy and nice, they aren't original.  Christmas trees shouldn't look trendy!  The happiest Christmas trees look curated and collected.  Decorate your tree with ornaments that you've collected over the years that are meaningful to you and your family.  



2. Evergreen Garlands
When in doubt, say yes to evergreen garlands anywhere and everywhere in your home!  Nothing smells or looks better for the holidays!  Hang them on your staircase banisters, your fireplace mantle, over windows, etc.  I think they look especially pretty when they are decorated with ribbon or Christmas bells.  



3. A Wreath on Your Front Door
You could have every room in your home packed to the brim with festive decorations, but if your front door is neglected you are really missing the boat!  Your porch is the very first thing guests and visitors happen upon, so make sure that you give it the proper tender love and care it deserves!  A pretty wreath, a Christmas sleigh, a small tree, a basket of pine cones- get creative!



4. Stockings 
If you don't have a fireplace mantle to hang your stockings from, try hanging them on the staircase banister, or on an empty wall!  



5. Ornaments Used as Decor
If you're like me, you've got so many Christmas ornaments that half of them don't even make it onto the tree (or trees!).  Don't put them back in their cold, lonely box- USE THEM!  Hang them from chandeliers and garlands, or simply place them in a pretty bowl to display- they are great conversation starters and can add some real glitz to your Christmas decor!


6. An Advent Calendar
It doesn't get better than looking forward to an advent calendar at Christmas time if you're a kid.  Not only are they fun, but you can find or make really really cute ones these days too!

                                                                                                            via pinterest

7. Blankets and Throws
This isn't necessarily just for Christmas, but more winter in general.  Pull out your thick afghans, blankets, and throws and layer, layer, layer!  Throw them on your sofa's and chairs, and pile them into cute baskets throughout your home to give off  warm, comfortable, and festive vibes!

via pinterest


8. Nativities
This is what Christmas is all about!  I've collected Nativity sets since I was a little girl, and one of my very favorite parts of the season is displaying them throughout my home.  Each one conjures up memories of Christmas's past, and I love it.  


via pinterest

9. Winter Scents
Christmas isn't Christmas if it doesn't smell like it!  Pick up a few candles to place around your home (this one looks nice!), and light those babies all month long! 

via target

10. Christmas Music
The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!" - Elf
Does it get better than Rod Stewart Christmas music?  I submit to you that no, it does not.  There's a LOT of good stuff out there, and if Rod doesn't do it for you, find what does!  Crank up the volume on your favorite Christmas albums this holiday season!  



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December 2017 Video Game Releases

Posted by Alyssa on November 24, 2017

video games

There have been so many great video game releases this October and this November, and December is keeping with the trend! Check out these December 2017 video game releases below and see which ones you want to put on your wishlist this holiday season!  

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for Nintendo Switch

Released 12/1/2017

All civilizations rest on the backs of giant beasts called Titans. The Titans are marching towards death and only Rex and Pyra are able to save the world. Discover different cultures and creatures as you explore each Titan and get to know many new characters.


Minecraft Super Plus Pack for Xbox One

Released 12/6/2017

In the latest Minecraft Plus Pack, you will be able to create, explore, and survive in new lands and worlds. This pack include Super Duper Graphics Pack and Explorers Pack with Chinese Mythology Mashup, Natural Texture Pack, Biome Settlers Skin Pack, Battle and Beasts Skin Pack, and Campfire Tales Skin Pack.


What games are you looking forward to this year? 



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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Alyssa on November 23, 2017


It is so refreshing this time of year to think back over the things we are grateful for. The natural disasters, violence, and contention we hear about almost every time we turn on the news can be overwhelming and discouraging. It’s easy to feel like there isn’t a lot to be grateful for or happy about, but I like to remember this quote by Kristin Armstrong - “When we focus on gratitude the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in.”

This year, I’m grateful for the Rocky Mountains that are so beautiful, the kindness of strangers, the love I have for my family and friends, and the turkey that is roasting in the oven right now. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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Black Friday Sales

Posted by Alyssa on November 22, 2017

p span style font-weight 400 img src blog 34 7284 black-friday-sales.jpg alt black fridayu width 778 height 500 span p p span style font-weight 400 How many of you get out and start shopping as soon as possible on Black Friday I have to admit I rsquo ve never waited in a line for a store on Black Friday but some of the sales at RC Willey might get me out of my bed early this year Keep checking our strong a href https dp November-Sales-2017.jsp target blank November Sales Flyer a strong for all the information you rsquo ll need for a href https ads 2017 Nov 22 1226 Black-Friday-Home-Furnishings-Sale-is-Here-Plus-DOORBU target blank Black Friday a and Cyber Sale nbsp steals you won t want to miss span p p img src blog 34 7284 black-friday-sales-88249.jpg alt flyer width 778 height 510 nbsp p

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Wii U vs Xbox One

Posted by Alyssa on November 21, 2017

wii u vs xbox one

Deciding between a Wii U and an Xbox One doesn’t have to be difficult! Each of these gaming consoles is so different that you should easily be able to decide which one is for you. I’ve written up some of the pros and cons of both the Xbox One and the Wii U so you can decide for yourself which console is best for you! 

Wii U vs Xbox One

Xbox One

If you are looking for a gaming console that will be your primary source of entertainment, the Xbox One is a great option. There are lots of media streaming options like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, and even NFL RedZone. With an Xbox One you won’t need to purchase an extra streaming device - everything is in your gaming console.

Obviously there are lots of video games available to play on the Xbox One as well. While there aren’t as many games that are exclusive the Xbox One as there are to other gaming consoles, you will have plenty of games to play. You do need a monthly subscription to access online content, but if you are looking for some serious gaming and entertainment, it’s a great option.

wii u xbox one

Wii U

While the Wii U is less powerful than the Xbox One, it is a cheaper option that is extremely family friendly. With exclusive Nintendo games available, almost anyone will be able to join in and play. The gamepad is a tablet computer with a touch screen and joypad controls that is easy to operate and can be used to play even if the TV is being used by someone else.

Because there is no monthly subscription to use online, this is a good option for anyone on a budget. This is definitely a game focused console option, so if you are hoping to use your gaming console for streaming, the Wii U is not what you’re looking for. Like I said above, it’s the perfect option for a family who wants to gather together and play some games.

Which gaming console do you want this holiday season?


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What is Roku TV?

Posted by Alyssa on November 19, 2017


If you feel like you have too many devices for streaming and entertainment, you may want to consider a Roku TV. Doesn’t the idea of streamlining and having everything in one place seem so appealing? But what is a Roku TV and how does it work? 


A Roku TV is a Smart TV with built-in abilities to stream content, watch live TV, and access any other connected devices like game consoles. This means that you won’t need to purchase an extra streaming device to access your streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO NOW. It also comes in 4K Ultra High Definition so you can have the best viewing experience possible.

Roku TVs come with an extremely easy to use and intuitive interface. You can easily switch between streaming channels, live TV, and any other devices. Not only is the interface to use, the remote is so simple anyone could use it! Use Voice Control to search and control your TV. If you want to see a Roku TV in action, check out this video below!


So what do you think? Would you ever get a Roku TV?



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