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6 Ways to Help you Drink More Water

Posted by Andie on July 15, 2017

It's officially summer time, and boy is it HOT outside!  Are you drinking enough water?  My friends used to call me 'the camel' because I had a water bottle with me literally everywhere I went.  Fast forward ten years and now my hands are full of diaper bags, children, and THEIR drinks.....certainly not mine!  I've been really making an effort to drink more water this summer.  There are so many health benefits to staying adequately hydrated!  When you drink enough water it can improve your mood, treat headaches, help your digestive system work properly (and regularly), flush out toxins in your body, promote clear, glowing skin, and aid in healthy weight loss.  It's kind of a no brainer, right?  

Here are 6 easy things you can do that can help you drink more water....

1. Start Early!  Drink a tall glass of warm (or room temperature) water when you first wake up
Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning gives your metabolism a jump start and gets things going!  If you want to take it a step further, make it a warm or hot glass of water.  I read about this philosophy in a chinese medicine book, and I'm telling you, it works wonders.  The warm water relaxes your muscles and really gets your digestive system working smoothly.  *Side note: If you already drink a lot of water, but still have constipation issues, take out the ice and opt for room temperature or warm water instead.  It's a game changer.  It sounds crazy, but you'll thank me later!  

2. Invest in a good water bottle
This can help make all the difference! Keep it on your desk at work, or in your car if you're running errands. I love my camelback, and  

3. Set a daily goal to help you stay committed
The medical community has differing opions about how much water you should be drinking everyday.  The standard is 8-10 glasses a day, but I've also heard that you should drink half of your body weight in ounces.  Listen to your body, decide what is best for you, and then stick to your goal!  There are lots of free apps out there that will help you track your progess, or compete with your spouse or a friend and turn it into a contest!

4. Drink a full glass of water 30 minutes or so before every meal 
This is a great rule of thumb to follow, because you'll drink 3-4 glasses of water per day without having to remember or make much of an effort! It will not only keep you hydrated, but it will help you from over-eating because your stomach will feel full!

5. Use a straw
Why does every liquid taste so much better with a straw?!  I buy them in bulk and use them every single day.

6. Infuse your water with fruits & veggies
You hate the taste of water?  I get it.  I love my Dr. Pepper, and if I wasn't concerned about the calories I would opt to drink 8-19 glasses of soda per day!  I try to reserve sodas for special occasions or the weekend, and opt for water during the week.  Adding fruits and vegetables to your water can really spice things up and take it from boring to refreshing and delicious!  There are lots of health benefits too!  Below are some great recipes.

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via pinterest

What do you do to help you drink water?


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