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Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Posted by Alyssa on February 28, 2017

rental feel like home'

Just because you live in a rental doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel like home. Whether you’re planning on being in your rental long term or just for a few months, incorporating a few of the ideas below will help your space feel personalized and unique. 

1. Always as your landlord if you can paint. They may ask you to paint it back to the original color when you move out, but if you’re planning on staying in that space for an extended period of time, it’s definitely worth it. Of course, your landlord may say no, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

art leaning on wall

via Apartment Therapy

2. If your landlord says no to paint, think of other ways to add color to the walls. Hang oversized art or create a gallery wall to cover large spaces. If your landlord doesn’t allow you to put holes in the walls, prop art up on the mantel, existing shelving, free standing furniture, or even the floor.

3. Most rentals have boring and predictable lighting fixtures, and replacing them will instantly change the look of the room. Be sure you don’t throw away the old fixtures! You’ll want to change them back before you move out.

floor to celiing curtains

via Knight Moves

4. Replace the old window blinds with floor to ceiling curtains. Even if the window doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling, raising the curtain to that point will make the ceilings look taller than they actually are.  But just like the light fixtures, don’t throw the old blinds away! You’ll need to put them back before you leave.

kitchen hardware

via dwell

5. Change out the existing hardware, such as the knobs in the kitchen or towel racks in the bathroom, for your own. You can find some fairly inexpensive knobs that will update what could be a boring kitchen or bathroom into something unique and charming.

6. In the kitchen, line the shelves and drawers. You won’t have to put your clean dishes on someone else’s mystery stain and it will make the kitchen feel clean and fresh. No one wants to cook or eat in a kitchen that looks dirty.


via Apartment Therapy

7. Fill the space with rugs and don’t be afraid to layer different textures and sizes. Cover up the carpet with your own style and your aesthetic will fill your rental.


via Abigail Ahern

8. When in doubt, add more houseplants!

9. Most importantly of all, fill your home with people and things you love. This is what makes a real home anyway!

How have you made your rental feel like home? Do you have any other suggestions or tips? Please let us know!


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How to Style Your Bookshelves

Posted by Alyssa on February 27, 2017

caitlin wilson design via pinterest

Do you ever see beautifully curated bookshelves on pinterest or instagram filled with tasteful artwork and interesting objects, and then wonder to yourself, "How come my bookshelves don't look like that?"  I've totally been there so many times.  It can be pretty tricky to style bookshelves just right and to get the correct balance between books, art, accessories, etc.  The struggle is real.  

A couple of years ago I came across an article by Caitlin Wilson Design that was a game changer for me when it came to styling my shelves.  She gives a step-by-step fool proof process that is so simple, anyone can do it!  

Here are her 4 steps for styling dazzling bookshelves:

1. Place your books
2. Add large accessories
3. Add frames (include both artwork and personal family photos)
4. Add small accessories & decorative objects

These two photos show how a book shelf can really come together by following these simple steps. Make sure you read the fine print on the photos, because her additional tips are really great!

via caitlin wilson design


via caitlin wilson design


Doesn't that sound easy?  One other helpful tip is to try to group things in odd numbers!

Go get styling!



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How to Hide a Radiator

Posted by Alyssa on February 26, 2017

hide a radiator

Radiators can be an eyesore. In my first apartment, the radiator was the first thing you saw. In addition to making a clanging sound every time it was on and to emitting so much heat the windows had to be opened even if it was snowing, it was really ugly. If you’re living in a home or an apartment with a radiator and are tired of looking at it, here are some ideas to cover it up. 

radiator cover

via Arts and Crafts Homes

Radiator covers are not only good camouflage, they are also protection from the hot metal. While some covers are definitely utilitarian, you can find beautiful covers if you look. If you’re feeling crafty and have a saw handy, you can even make your own exactly how you’d like it. 

radiator shelf

via A Beautiful Mess

For a cheaper and quicker option, consider installing a shelf above the radiator. While this may not exactly mask it, having a shelf above will draw your eye upwards and away from the radiator.

painted radiator

via Manhattan Nest

If you own the home or your landlord will let you, painting the radiator the same color as the wall helps it meld into the background. If all else fails and you’re feeling brave…

painted radiator

via Apartment Therapy

Paint that thing a pop of color and own it!

Have you done anything else to hide a radiator? Let me know!



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Mixing Styles in Your Home

Posted by Alyssa on February 25, 2017

row of chairs

It can be difficult knowing how to merge different styles without creating chaos and confusion, but tastefully done, an eclectic home is interesting and compelling. This is good news for all of us who have gathered furniture from a variety of places over the years and who now need to figure out how that traditional wingback will look next to a modern couch. Below are 10 tips for successfully mixing a variety of aesthetics. 

painted chairs

via HGTV

1. Embrace what you already have and think of ways to creatively combine different pieces. You may decide to reupholster a chair, paint a table, or buy one or two new pieces, but don’t be afraid to use what you have!

2. Pick your favorite style and have that be the majority of your decor. Other styles can be added and mixed, but committing to one primary aesthetic will look controlled rather than chaotic.

living room

via Apartment Therapy

3. Keep the color consistent. This will help your choices look intentional rather than thrown together. Neutral furniture with pops of color in accessories is always a safe bet.

4. Notice the scale of all your furniture. While the style may not match, the scale needs to. An oversized couch will look funny next to a delicate accent chair.

living room

via Apartment Therapy

5. Repeat styles, colors, and shapes throughout your room. If there is only one piece of mid-century modern furniture in a room, it will stick out like a sore thumb. Make sure there’s at least one other object of the same aesthetic.

6. Along those same lines, keep the shapes of your furniture similar regardless of style. A sleek, straight lined table with curved, traditional chairs will not flow easily.

miing styles living room

via Decor Pad

7. Visual weight is important. If there is a heavy, dark piece of furniture on one side of the room and a simple chair on the other the room will feel off balanced.

8. Determine the mood of the room you are decorating and pick furniture accordingly. Formal chairs in a relaxed family room will not help you achieve the desired outcome.

living room

via Hey There, Home

9. Intersperse styles equally through the room. Be sure one-half of your room isn’t a completely different style from the other half of the room.

10. Edit yourself! Just because you own it doesn’t mean you have to display it.

Try new things when you’re decorating your home! Don’t feel limited due to fear of merging styles. Remember that at the end of the day, if you like how your home looks, that’s all that matters.

Do you like mixing styles? Which styles have you used in your home?  

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5 Favorite Bookshelves

Posted by Alyssa on February 24, 2017


Bookshelves can be so beautiful in your home, especially when they're filled with things you love. I love owning books, even if I’ve only read them once. I can throw out clothes easily, ruthlessly gut my kitchen of cooking utensils that aren’t often used, and shred papers like there’s no tomorrow, but I can’t seem to clean out my bookshelves. I’m not sure why, but it’s become a bit of an issue. To help solve the problem, I’ve decided that if I get a new book that can’t fit in my bookshelves, another one has to go to make room. Or maybe I should just buy another shelf? Here are 5 of my favorites right now.  


found here


found here


found here


found here


found here

Whether you use bookshelves for books or to display your favorite accessories, you can find one to match your style at RC Willey. Check out all bookshelf options and tell me which one is your favorite!



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Tips for Living in Small Spaces

Posted by Alyssa on February 23, 2017

small spaces

It can be hard living in a small space but there are ways you can make it work When my husband and I first got married we lived in two different apartments - one was 600 square feet and the other one was 650 square feet. I loved living in a space that small I could clean that place including dusting and toilets in under an hour and there was nothing in that apartment that we didn't use. Living in a tiny space has so many benefits but it can be hard to get everything you own fit while still feeling like you have room to breathe. Here are some tips on living in a small space. 


 via Style Me Pretty

Use the wall space that is available and don't be afraid to use the entire wall. Shelving can go all the way up to the ceiling and you won't be wasting any space.

storage under bed

via Foster House

Think creatively of places you can store things. The empty space under your bed is perfect for things you don't use every day and if you have room for your dresser in your closet your bedroom will feel more spacious. span p p style text-align left span style font-weight 400

living room

via Apartment Therapy

 Be sure that your furniture fits the space. Oversized chairs and couches in a tiny room could make the room feel cramped but too many small pieces may feel cluttered. Keep things simple and if possible find furniture that has built-in storage.

bookshelf nightstand

via RC Willey

Use objects in a variety of ways. If you don't have room for bookshelves but need a place to store your books consider getting a nightstand with open shelving and storing them there. If you work from home but don't have room for a desk use a sofa table to double as a workspace. Be creative in how you use your furniture! 

Most important of all keep everything easily accessible and decluttered. Don't be sentimental - if you're living in a small space and if there's room for either you or the stack of blankets you've never used it should be an easy choice.

 What tips do you have for living in a small space? 

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How to Make a Cozy Bedroom

Posted by Alyssa on February 22, 2017


I am a big believer that your bedroom should be an appealing place to relax and rest. All growing up, throughout college in my shared apartments, and currently, in my home, I have tried to make my room somewhere I feel comfortable lingering and unwinding. In whatever situation you’re in - whether you’re able to completely renovate or are looking for simple changes - incorporating one or more of the ideas below will help you create your own personal refuge. 

bedroom painted green

via Apartment Therapy

Consider your paint color. Light colors tend to make a room feel bigger and brighter while darker colors can feel cozier. Whatever your preference, the paint color you choose makes a big impact on the room overall.

bedroom lighting

via Beneath My Heart

Push for soft lighting. Using lamps or overhead lights with dimmers will change the tone of your room and make it feel more luxurious.  


via Planete Deco

Using a variety of textures and pattern with your bedding, pillows, rugs, and blankets will add interest and comfort to your room.

bed with pillows

via Dream Homes

Speaking of pillows, add pillows to your bed! You can obviously go overboard, but using pillows to add depth, the feeling of softness, and pops of color can make a big difference in your room.

bedroom seating area

via Elle Decor

If you have space, incorporate a seating area. Having a seating option other than your bed will make spending time in your room more inviting.

bed set

via RC Willey

Remember the purpose of your room and invest in a good mattress and headboard. Considering how much time you spend sleeping, having a comfortable bed is worth the investment.

There are so many ways to make your bedroom a space that you will be excited to retreat to at the end of the day. If nothing else, making your bed immediately makes your room more appealing. I tell myself this every day and sometimes I actually get it made before it’s time for bed. Sometimes.

What have you done to make your bedroom more appealing? Do you have plans to renovate your room?


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5 Places to Hang Mirrors to Make Spaces Feel Larger

Posted by Alyssa on February 21, 2017

When my husband and I first got married we lived in a teeny, tiny, less than 500 square foot apartment.  We had to get really creative when it came to living in a small space.  We tried really hard to make it feel a lot larger than it actually was in order to have people over without feeling like we were all sitting on top of each other.  It was at this point in my life that I discovered the beauty, and function of a good mirror.

You see, mirrors are one of your best friends when it comes to decorating in small spaces.  They reflect so much light, and have a way of making a room look and feel ten times bigger than it actually is!  (That might be an exaggeration, but you get the picture.)  The best part is that they come in all different shapes and sizes, and most of the time you really can't go wrong throwing a mirror into your design scheme.

Whether you are living in an itty bitty space and are desperately trying to make things feel bigger, or you just want things to feel lighter, here are 5 places around your home where you should really consider hanging a mirror to get the most bang for your buck...


1. The Kitchen
If you live in a small space, chances are your kitchen feels cramped.  Simply hanging a mirror in non-traditional places like above the sink or stove can do wonders!  And if you really want to spice things up, mirrored kitchen cabinets can be pretty awesome too.

via apartment therapy

2. Above the fireplace
I love layering a nice mirror with artwork and some greenery on the mantle.  Not only does it look nice, but it's an easy way to make the room feel more spacious.

via pinterest 


3. Above your bed
I'll be honest.  I am very fearful of hanging anything above my bed because I worry about things falling on my head while I sleep!  Ha!  Am I the only one?  If I ever get enough courage, I would definitely consider hanging a huge vertical mirror above my headboard, because look how much bigger this bedroom feels!  It's like magic.  

Architectural Digest via Pinterest

4. Tucked behind a sofa
If figuring out a gallery wall behind a sofa stresses you out, then this is the trick for you!  Grab a full length mirror, and place it directly behind your sofa, and voila!  Not only is it pretty, but it adds so much depth and light to the room.

Pop Sugar via pinterest

5. The hallway
If you have a hallway that feels boring and small, add a floor length mirror and you've literally doubled the size of the hall!  Such a little thing that will produce large results.  

The Design Co via pinterest

 Where's your favorite place to hang a mirror in your home? Shop mirrors now.


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Extra Mile: Makeovers from the Heart - Sandra Martinez

Posted by Alyssa on February 21, 2017


Kimberly Martinez nominated her mom Sandra Martinez for a room makeover.  The Martinez family lost their home and all of their possessions in a devastating fire in July 2016.  They were sleeping when the fire started and they barely escaped before their entire modular home burned to the ground.  “The Night that Tooele Burned”  10 families lost everything in this devastating fast-moving fire.  

They just finished rebuilding a new modular home for Sandra and her family.  RC Willey – Citywide Home Loans makeover team came in and furnished the home last weekend.  

We are grateful that 94.1 KODJ (an iheart radio station) partnered with us on this successful home makeover.  The Martinez family loves their new home and are beyond thrilled that they can finally move in and relax in their new, comfortably furnished home.  

You can watch Sandra’s reaction to her home makeover here and we’d like to share some before and after pictures of her home below. 









Enjoy your home, Sandra! We're so glad we could work with you! 


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Different Mattress Types

Posted by Alyssa on February 20, 2017

mattress types

Having a mattress that is comfortable and supportive makes a huge difference in how well you sleep and how inviting your bedroom is. A mattress that is too firm or too soft can leave you feeling achy and sore in the morning. Knowing this, it’s important to have some information in your back pocket when picking out a new mattress. 

Innerspring Mattresses: This is the most common mattress type and uses coil springs for body support. These mattresses come in a variety of firmness and price and are generally considered comfortable for most people. Be aware that the cheaper the mattress, the fewer the coils which will affect the level of support.

sleeping woman

Memory Foam Mattresses: This mattress will contour to the shape of your body, which will help reduce pressure points and relieve pain. It also absorbs movement, so if you share a bed with a partner who tosses and turns, this may be the solution to your problem. Because these mattresses are temperature sensitive, memory foam mattresses can make you feel hot during the night. Also, if you sleep on your stomach you may want a firmer mattress rather than one that forms to your body to keep your back from aching.

Latex Mattresses: This mattress is similar to memory foam but is more supportive and has better temperature control. It is made from either synthetic or natural rubber and is a very durable mattress. For some, though, this mattress may be too firm and not as comfortable as other options.

While these are not the only types of mattress out there, it can give you a good start when swapping out your old mattress for a new one. Stop those back aches and get a good night sleep! Check out all of RC Willey’s mattress and get ready to sleep like a baby.


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