How to Throw a Favorite Things Party

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How to Throw a Favorite Things Party

Posted by Andie on February 27, 2018


Have you ever gone to a "Favorite Things" party?  My friend throws one every year and it's such a fun excuse to get together with friends, eat yummy food, share some of your favorite things, and learn more about your friends!  I always end up leaving with a long list of things that I just HAVE to buy, too.  Here's how you throw one....

 1. Invite as many people as you want!  I think about 20 or so friends is ideal, but you can go smaller or larger depending on what you want.  
2. Set a price limit.  I think $10-$15 per gift is perfect. Again, do whatever feels best for your group!
3. Instruct every guest to bring three of the exact same gifts (each gift costing $10-$15 or whatever price point you've set), and wrap them exactly the same.
4. When your guests arrive, have each of them write their name on three little slips of paper, and put all the slips of paper into a bowl.
5. Sit in a big circle, and share your favorite things!  The first person to go draws three names out of the bowl, and then she gives the three gifts she brought to those three people.  Have them all open the gift at the same time, and then the person who brought the gift can explain why it's one of her favorite things! 
6. Go around the circle and do this until everyone has given all of their gifts away, and has received three gifts. This will take longer than you think, because there is usually an entire conversation about each gift!  It's so fun. 
7. Have one of your friends act as scribe, writing down every gift that was brought.  That way, after the party you can send out details and links in an email to all your guests!

Easy, peasy, right?  I've also thought a fun idea would be to throw a "Favorite Foods Party", or "Favorite things from Costco Party"!  Get creative!



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