5 Tips for Getting Organized

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5 Tips for Getting Organized

Posted by Alyssa on January 24, 2017

getting organized

I didn’t realize how many clothes didn’t fit me until I decided to organize my closet. I had been reading an article online about living as a minimalist and the man in the article owned 50 things. Total. I was inspired but it didn’t take long to realize that I cannot be a minimalist. I like my books and my camping gear and my art supplies too much. Also my clothes. Basically, I would fail as a minimalist. I was inspired to get organized though. Not being the best at organizing, I turned to the web for ideas on how to begin and these were the five most helpful suggestions. 


via Pinterest

1. Everything you own should have its own place. Figure out where that wandering extra phone charger should live and put it there!

2. Notice where the clutter in your house seems to gather and figure out a way to minimize it. My entryway is a hotspot for the stroller, coats, keys, shoes, and things that I need to take out to the car. I got hooks for the coats and keys, decided the stroller should live in my laundry room instead and vowed to take everything that needs to go to the car out before it even hits the floor.

organized pantry

via Pinterest


3. Label your boxes. You shouldn’t have to open every container to figure out where the stamps are.

4. Get rid of any duplicates. I’m not sure why I had three copies of the book Jane Eyre, but I can definitely survive with just one.

5. As soon as you see anything ripped, broken, too small, or too big, toss it. There’s no need to store something you’re not going to use.

If you have any other suggestions for getting organized, please share! I’d love to know how you not only get organized, but stay that way.

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