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Paint Finishes

Posted by Alyssa on May 12, 2017

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It’s important to know what paint finishes to use when painting your home. It really does make a difference! Here is everything you need to know about different paint finishes and when and where you should use them. 


This is a matte finish and has no shine. Because it doesn’t reflect the light, this is a good paint finish when you are covering walls with texture or damage. It is harder to keep clean, so keep that in mind when deciding where to use this paint finish.

Where to use: Ceilings


With slightly more sheen than flat paint, eggshell is easier to clean than flat paint. There is more depth and a velvety look to paint with eggshell finish. This paint finish will not make your walls look shiny.

Where to use: Bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Room

paint finishes

via Protect Painters


This paint finish and offers the same depth and warmth as eggshell. Like eggshell, satin paint is easier to clean and resists scuffs, but unlike eggshell satin is able to resist moisture. This finish will not make your walls look shiny.

Where to use: Kitchen, Laundry Room, Bathrooms, Hallways


This is a tough paint finish that handles scrubbing and is scuff resistant. Using a semi-gloss paint finish will make your walls look shiny, which highlights any imperfections of your wall. This is a great finish for high traffic areas or places that require a lot of cleaning.

Where to use: Trim and Moulding, Kitchen Cabinets, Doors, Woodworking

glossy paint finishes

via Painted


This is a very durable and shiny paint finish. This scrubs clean without a problem and is scuff resistant. Like semi-gloss, gloss finish shows any imperfections it is painted on.

Where to use: Anything you want to have a lacquered look - be careful when using this paint finish! It makes a big impact. 

You’ll end up using different paint finishes throughout your home, so make sure you think through what you are painting before you make your choice. If you have any questions, the people at the paint counter will always help you.

What paint finishes do you use in your home? What are you painting right now? 


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