Analogous Color Schemes

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Analogous Color Schemes

Posted by Alyssa on May 15, 2017

analogous color schemes

Analogous color schemes sound more complicated than they actually are. Look at the color wheel, pick three colors next to each other, and there you have it! Using analogous colors in your interior design creates a harmonious room with enough contrast in color to keep things interesting.

The first step when deciding to use this color scheme is to pick the main color you will be using. Then, looking at the color wheel, choose two or three colors that sit next to your main color that you would like to incorporate into your design. It’s as simple as that! Scroll through below to see some examples of how you could incorporate analogous color schemes into your home. 

Yellow, Yellow-Orange, Orangeyellow, yellow-orange, orange

via Home DIT

  Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green

analogous color scheme

via Frenchy Fancy

Green, Blue-Green, Blue

color scheme

via Apartment Therapy

Blue, Blue-Violet, Violet

blue, blue-violet, violet room

via Darling Doodles Design

Violet, Red-Violet, Red

color scheme 

via Apartment Therapy

Remember that you can use shades of the actual colors, so if the idea of using bold colors intimidates you, think of using pastels or small doses of the colors. 

What do you think? Would you use analogous color schemes in your home? 

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