15 Ways to Avoid Mediocrity

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15 Ways to Avoid Mediocrity

Posted by Andie on August 25, 2018

I was reading Ben Behunion's book, "Put a Cherry on Top: Secrets of Creating an Artful Life", and there was a huge section on refusing to settle for mediocrity.  It really resonated with me.  It's a principle I'm trying to teach my children, and also apply in my own life- and I think it's important that we talk about it!  In our society it's so easy to do just enough.  Once we are done with school, or in the career we worked hard to get to, how do we continue to motivate ourselves to do our very best in all aspects of life?

"I am calling for a very directed rebellion---- against complacency, mediocrity, unquestioned traditions, ignorance, thoughtlessness, hopelessness, and all other forms of ugliness.  I am calling for a rebellion against the fences that you believe are holding you back, that are keeping you from becoming the person you want and hope to be.  Stop relying on others to validate who you are.  You now who you are......Re-open your mind to possibility-----all of them.....Realize now that life will definitely not go the way you plan.  And that's okay, because if you're flexible and creative, it will go way better than you imagined."

Check out 15 of my favorite suggestions Ben gives to avoid mediocrity....

1. Focus
2. Spend your time becoming something awesome.
3. Only read the best books.
4. Remember you are a child of the universe.
5. Don't hang out with people who do ugly things.
6. Eat good chocolate.
7. Go on long walks.
8. Make friends with people who challenge you to be better than you are.
9. Move out of your parents' house.
10. Take risks only after you have looked at them from all angles.  
11. Work hard. Play hard.
12. Save your money.
13. Remember that in today's world, for all but the most deprived, ignorance is a choice- no one can force it upon you.
14. Think for yourself.
15. Do the math before taking out a loan.

What are your best tips for avoiding mediocrity in life??


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