How To Style Book Shelves

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How To Style Book Shelves

Posted by Andie on September 3, 2018

A beautifully displayed book shelf might appear to look effortless, but chances are it was very carefully curated and not haphazardly thrown together!  It can be tricky getting it just right, and so here are 8 steps to help you style your book shelves like a professional designer...  

1. Gather everything you want to use in a pile
This includes books, artwork, small accessories, vases, antiques, little plants, family heirlooms, etc. 

2. Start with the tallest/largest items.
Place the biggest items that will take up most space very first.  This makes it natural to then work your way down to the smaller things.  

3. Add Books
Nothing makes me cringe more than a book shelf void of any books!  After all, this is a book shelf!  I'm not saying every shelf needs to have them, but if you want to create a pretty bookshelf, it better have some beautiful books as part of the display!  You can make things a little more interesting by putting them in different formations. Create stacks with big books, and display others vertically.  

4. Add Artwork and Small Accessories.
This is the fun part.  The frosting on the cake, if you will.  Add things that are unique to you and your family, and that show your personality.  

5. Edit. 

6. Edit again.

7. If you think you're done, take three more things away.

8. Okay, now you are probably really done! 

BIGGEST TIP: Let your book shelves breathe!  A very common mistake I always notice is when book shelves are SO packed with books and accessories and gadgets that it's completely overwhelming to the eye.  You don't even know what to focus on and it just looks and feels like wayyyyyy too much!    

And now, check out these lovely book shelves for some inspiration...

via Studio Mcgee


Amber Lewis via Hunker

glitter guide via pinterest


Caitlin Wilson's home via Style Me Pretty


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