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Shop 4K TVs at RC Willey and get the best possible picture money can buy. Find a RC Willey store near you in Utah, Idaho, Nevada and California.

What is a 4K Television?

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of 4K. It’s quickly becoming the industry standard with more and more 4K TVs and content available each year, but what is it really? With 8 million pixels, 4K TVs have a 4x higher resolution than usual HD TVs and over 23x the resolution of a standard TV. That means a clearer picture at any viewing distance, even close up! You can find 4K TVs at RC Willey in a variety of sizes and from a wide range of brands.

Something to remember:

To achieve the full 4K experience you’ll need to ensure that your content is delivered in 4K. Currently broadcast television doesn’t support 4K, but several streaming services do. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and others do offer 4K options.

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