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Finding Your Perfect Sofa at RC Willey

Relaxing on your sofa is a great way to take your mind off of the cares of the world. Whether you enjoy reading, watching TV, knitting, or playing games, choosing the right sofa is important in helping you achieve your relaxation dreams. Here at RC Willey, our selection will ensure that you find something that fits your space and your style.

An upholstered sofa gives you more options for color, but you can never go wrong with a classic leather sofa. Either of these options are available as a recliner sofa which makes watching movies and sports all the more fun and comfortable. If you often find yourself to be the host for tired guests, be sure to check out our sleeper sofa options! Your guests will thank you for it. Your sofa helps you know what to pick for the rest of your living room furniture. Keep in mind the size of your living room. How big or small it is affects what type and size of sofa would be best! Above all, you want to avoid getting a sofa that makes your living room feel or appear cramped. Browse our large collection and enjoy! You are guaranteed to find something that you love!

After you have chosen what kind of sofa you need, it is time to address color! We have colors that are classic and traditional as well as fun and eye-catching. If you want something more conventional, try our gray, black or brown sofas. We have light to dark brown options for you! If you want your sofa to be an accent color, browse our blue, red, yellow, or green options! The options are endless! Knowing what look you are going for in your living room can really help you determine what color and style would be best.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sofas

  • What is the difference between sofa and couch?
  • The great news is, the two terms are interchangeable. Feel free to use either one.

  • What is the best sofa shape?
  • There is no one size that fits all. The two most popular shapes are the typical rectangle shape and the L-shape sectional sofa.

  • How do I choose a sofa?
  • Start by addressing what functionality you want your sofa to serve. Are you getting it for comfort, reclining abilities, style, or seating? Assess the style of your other furniture. If your home is decorated in a rustic style, find something that complements it or matches it. Pets and children have a special talent for creating a mess, so if you have some little people or animals in your home, choosing a material that cleans easily would be well worth your while. Color is another important factor to consider.

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