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Increase Comfort and Productivity with an Office Chair

RC Willey offers a vast selection of office chairs to help keep you comfortable while spending time at your desk working on your computer or writing. Finding the right desk chair can help you maintain a proper sitting posture to improve blood flow and prevent aches that can result from slouching. A well-designed computer chair is ergonomic, comfortable and the right width and height for your desk. RC Willey offers many office chairs in a variety of styles, colors, and features perfect for any budget so you can find the right chair for your needs.

Find the Perfect Office Chair for Your Home Office

  • Armrests Offer Comfort
  • Office chairs with armrests support your elbows where they’d naturally rest and help your shoulders remain relaxed while you work. You’ll want to make sure that the armrests on your desk chair are at the right height for your body type or that the armrests adjust to the correct height for you. Please keep in mind that not all office chairs with armrests will tuck under every desk as some armrests may prevent them from sliding under your workspace. It is important to note both the dimensions of your computer chair and your desk when selecting an office chair with armrests. RC Willey also offers ergonomic desk chairs without armrests if you’re looking to find a lighter, more flexible office chair that will easily tuck in to most office desks of varying dimensions.

  • Easily Move with Casters
  • Rolling casters on your office chair help you move around your workspace smoothly while remaining seated. These convenient wheels on your desk make it easy to move from task to task without interrupting your workflow. If your home office or desk is not on a hard surface and you’d prefer a computer chair with casters, you can always add a protective floor mat to make gliding in your workspace easier.

  • Adjustable Seating
  • An adjustable office chair from RC Willey will help you customize your seating to best fit your height. Having a desk chair that fits your body well will make working and sitting more comfortable and healthier for your posture and joints. If you select an adjustable computer chair, you will have the option to adjust the seat height or backrest (or both). Instructions on how to tailor your adjustable office chair to your height and workspace will be included with your chair.

  • Lumbar Support
  • Limit the strain you place on your lower back by finding an office chair with lumbar support from RC Willey. During a long day of sitting, the lumbar region of your back comes under strain. If you’re prone to lower back pain, having a computer chair with lumbar support limits the strain you place on this part of your back and will help keep you comfortable while you work at your desk or play on the computer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Office Chairs

  • Is an office chair worth it?
  • An office chair is a great addition to your work space as it provides comfort and functionality when you’re having to spend longer amounts of time sitting. A computer chair from RC Willey can help improve sitting posture that will in turn reduce strain on the back and neck.

  • Which is the best chair for office work?
  • There are a wide range of styles, designs, and features for your unique office chair needs and that's why RC Wiley offers such a vast selection. Our sales associates are happy to help you find the best chair for your situation. You can shop online at, in store at any of our locations, or by appointment! Whether you’re looking for a desk chair with armrests, a computer chair that has the ability to roll, one that offers generous support, or an office chair with adjustable features, you’re sure to find the color, style, and functionality you’re looking for at RC Willey.

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