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Tips to Personalize Your Home

Home decor can take your space from boring to beautiful with just a few simple touches! When looking to decorate your space, consider the style you are going for. Do you prefer earthy brown tones from a traditional design? What about crisp linear design with bold contrasting colors from a modern design? Another popular style up and coming is a fresh, minimalist design focused on light neutral colors with fresh earthy pops of color and natural wood tones. Spend some time deciding what direction you're drawn to, and that will make decorating your home that much easier!

One of the best parts about home decor is how easily it can be changed! If you don't like something, it is easy to switch it out and try something new to explore different styles. One way to add personalized home decor is through decorative pillows . This is an easy and fun way to add color, texture, and depth to your furniture. Wall art is another way to create dimension and carry your eyes up the wall, making your ceilings feel taller. This can be a great trick to use in limited square footage!

Other ideas that can be quickly implemented for home accents are fresh bedding sets for texture and color, table lamps for light and to accent your furniture, and a unique area rug to tie the whole space together!

After the space looks nice, you're done, right? Nope! We have one last home decor trick for you. After you're happy with how things look, pick out a favorite candle , scented wax melt , or scent stick to make your home smell nice, as well as look nice! Scents are associated with feelings, so pick something that helps your home feel cozy, fresh, and will help you and your guests feel comfortable.

Here at RC Willey, we have a wide variety of home decor styles, colors, shapes, textures, and sizes to choose from. Earn rebates, get free delivery, and more with our blue rewards program and get interest free financing with our RC Willey payment plans . Check out our blog for help decorating your whole home, as well as more tips and tricks for creating cohesive spaces! Browse our selection online or visit your local store to help your house feel more like home.

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