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Thank you for your interest in our organization. R.C. Willey is an Equal Opportunity Employer. R.C. Willey's management supports the policy of Equal Opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex, color, religion, age, disability, marital status, or ethnic origin.

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Notice (Please DO NOT include any information indicative of race, sex, color, religion, age, disability, marital status, or ethnic origin or any other group protected by law.)

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RC Willey Hiring Practices Acknowledgment

RC Willey is an Equal Opportunity Employer and selects the best matched individuals for the job based upon job- related qualifications regardless of race, sex, color, religion, age, disability marital status, ethnic origin or other protected groups under state, federal or local Equal Opportunity Laws.
I understand that:
  • Any material misrepresentation or deliberate omission of a fact in my application may be justification for refusal of my application or if employed, termination from employment.
  • It is my understanding that RC Willey will make a thorough investigation of my entire work history and may verify all data given in my application for employment, related papers, or oral interviews. I authorize such investigation and the giving and receiving of any information requested by RC Willey. I release from liability any person giving or receiving any such information. I also authorize RC Willey to investigate my personal and/or credit record through any investigative credit agencies or business the company may choose.
  • In consideration of my employment, if hired, I agree to conform to the rules and regulations of RC Willey Home Furnishings. I understand that if hired, my employment can be terminated, with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time, at the option of either the Company or myself, without liability for wages or salary except such as may have been earned at the date of such termination. I also understand that no store manager or representative of RC Willey, other than the CEO or President of the Company, has any authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time, or to make any agreement contrary to the foregoing.
  • I understand that as a condition of employment, I may be asked to submit to a standard medically approved substance abuse screening test. (A copy of RC Willey's drug testing policy is available for inspection from RC Willey's Human Resource Department.)
  • Although management makes every effort to accommodate individual preferences, business needs may at times make the following conditions mandatory; overtime, reduced hours, shiftwork, a rotating work schedule other than Monday through Friday. I understand and accept these conditions of my continuing employment.
  • I further understand that this is an application for employment and that no employment contract is being offered.
  • I understand that any offers for employment can only come from an authorized Human Resource representative.
  • I understand that if I am employed, such employment is for no definite period of time and RC Willey can change wages, benefits, and conditions at any time.

I have read and understand the above agreement.

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Your application will be reviewed to determine if there is a position in our company that we feel would be a good fit for you. You will be contacted if we require further information or if we choose to schedule an interview. Otherwise, your application will be retained for future consideration for approximately three months. You may also update this application at anytime by simply clicking the Apply Online link again. If the time has expired you will need to create a new application.

If you have any further inquiries, please email us at Please indicate which position you applied for in the subject line when sending an email.

Thanks for your interest in employment at RC Willey.


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