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Farmhouse Brown 94  Fireplace TV Stand
Farmhouse Brown 94" Fireplace TV Stand
1749.99Save $150
In-Stock2.5 stars
Dakota Pass Craftsman Oak 59  TV Stand
Dakota Pass Craftsman Oak 59" TV Stand
In-Stock4 stars
Graceland Bourbon and Black 86  Fireplace TV Stand
Graceland Bourbon and Black 86" Fireplace TV Stand
1549.99Save $150
In-Stock4 stars
Cantilever Espresso 60  Fireplace TV Stand
Cantilever Espresso 60" Fireplace TV Stand
749.99Save $50
Dakota Pass White 66  TV Stand
Dakota Pass White 66" TV Stand
In-Stock4.5 stars
Farmhouse Aged Whiskey 94  Fireplace TV Stand
Farmhouse Aged Whiskey 94" Fireplace TV Stand
1749.99Save $150
In-Stock5 stars
Dakota Pass Dark Pine 66  TV Stand
Dakota Pass Dark Pine 66" TV Stand
In-Stock3 stars
Sun Smokey Gray 92  TV Stand
Sun Smokey Gray 92" TV Stand
1149.99Save $200
In-Stock3 stars
Wright 60  Fireplace TV Stand
Wright 60" Fireplace TV Stand
949.99Save $450
In-Stock4.5 stars
Hamilton Prairie Brown 70  Fireplace TV Stand
Hamilton Prairie Brown 70" Fireplace TV Stand
1999.99Save $200
Magnolia Manor Antique White 74  TV Stand
Magnolia Manor Antique White 74" TV Stand
999.99Save $150
In-Stock5 stars
Enterprise Black 70  Fireplace TV Stand
Enterprise Black 70" Fireplace TV Stand
999.99Save $300
In-Stock5 stars16
Avery Loft Gray 84  Fireplace TV Stand
Avery Loft Gray 84" Fireplace TV Stand
1749.99Save $150
Rio Bravo Gray 58  TV Stand
Rio Bravo Gray 58" TV Stand
379.99Save $50
In-Stock1 stars
Hampton White 97  TV Stand
Hampton White 97" TV Stand
1149.99Save $150
Magnolia Manor Antique White 70  TV Stand
Magnolia Manor Antique White 70" TV Stand
949.99Save $200
Celino 74  Fireplace TV Stand
Celino 74" Fireplace TV Stand
1199.99Save $200
In-Stock5 stars
Homestead Walnut Brown 78  TV Stand
Homestead Walnut Brown 78" TV Stand
899.99Save $100
In-Stock4.5 stars
Hamilton Cherry 74  TV Stand
Hamilton Cherry 74" TV Stand
579.99Save $50
Dakota Pass Craftsman Oak 65  TV Stand
Dakota Pass Craftsman Oak 65" TV Stand
In-Stock4 stars
Cabaret White Wash 78  Fireplace TV Stand
Cabaret White Wash 78" Fireplace TV Stand
1649.99Save $250
In-Stock5 stars
Hamilton Weathered Gray 70  Fireplace TV Stand
Hamilton Weathered Gray 70" Fireplace TV Stand
1999.99Save $200
In-Stock5 stars
Nova Tobacco Brown 74  TV Stand
Nova Tobacco Brown 74" TV Stand
849.99Save $50
In-Stock5 stars
Barrister Lane Antique White 61  TV Stand
Barrister Lane Antique White 61" TV Stand
In-Stock1 stars
Amy Cotton White 92  TV Stand
Amy Cotton White 92" TV Stand
1199.99Save $150
In-Stock5 stars
Dilworth Storm Gray 66   TV Stand
Dilworth Storm Gray 66 " TV Stand
649.99Save $50
In-Stock5 stars
Avery Loft Lim 84  Fireplace Entertainment Wall
Avery Loft Lim 84" Fireplace Entertainment Wall
3249.99Save $250
Amy Dove Gray 92  TV Stand
Amy Dove Gray 92" TV Stand
1199.99Save $150
In-Stock5 stars
Altamonte Walnut 70  TV Stand
Altamonte Walnut 70" TV Stand
599.99Save $50
In-Stock5 stars
Altamonte Charcoal 70  TV Stand
Altamonte Charcoal 70" TV Stand
599.99Save $50
In-Stock4.5 stars


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Shop for TV Stands for Every Style Home!

Browse our selection of a variety of styles including corner and fireplace TV stands. RC Wiley sells TV stands for every home, budget, and style. From 55 inches to 70 inches, we can handle your home entertainment needs. RC Willey also sells TV stands in the best colors, built to match any style room, including white and black TV stands. Or if you prefer to shop by style, we sell modern and rustic TV stands. Browse corner TV stands or fireplace TV stands now!

There’s nothing better than sinking into your couch and unwinding in front of your TV after a long day. A TV stand or entertainment center positions your flat screen TV at the right height for comfortable viewing while also keeping your living room neat and tidy! Stay organized with a piece of furniture designed to hide cords and cables as well as house your Blu-ray player, gaming console, or soundbar. No matter what your style preferences are, RC Willey is sure to have something you are looking for with rustic, contemporary, modern, and traditional pieces suited to your home.

What’s the right size TV stand for your TV?

When choosing the right TV stand for your home it's important to consider the size of your TV. RC Willey has TV stands from 40 inches to 97 inches and everything in between. If your TV stand is too big, your TV may look small and out of place. If it’s too small, your TV may be in danger of being easily bumped off.

Finding the right size.

Did you know that TV manufacturers measure TVs diagonally, and not the entire TV, but just the screen? That means it can be a little tricky to know what size TV stand you need for your TV. The easiest way to figure out what size you need is to measure the actual width of your television. Generally speaking, you are looking for a TV stand that is 2 to 3 inches larger than your TV. So for example, if you have a 50 inch wide TV, a 52 inch TV stand is perfect. If you don’t have a tape measurer handy, you can figure out the right size based on the diagonal screen measurement and subtracting about 4 inches. So if you have a 52 inch TV, a TV stand between 48 and 50 inches is ideal. As always it’s a good idea to double check your measurements to ensure a proper fit.

Determining the right viewing height.

Now that you’ve found the right sized stand for your TV, all you need to do is consider the viewing height. A good rule of thumb is that the proper viewing distance from your TV is about double the size of your television. So if you have a 65” TV, you’ll want to be seated about 130 inches from the screen.

Follow these steps and transform your living room into the ultimate relaxation zone and enjoy all your favorite TV shows, movies, and video games in comfort and style!

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