Kids in the Kitchen

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Kids in the Kitchen

Posted by Alyssa on April 18, 2017

kids in the kitchen

Do you let your kids help you in the kitchen? I've talked about how important it is to have family dinners together but recently read an article about how important it is to have your kids help out in the kitchen as well. It made me want to get my daughter helping me cook as soon as possible! While there are definitely reasons it’s easier to have your kids somewhere else while you get dinner ready, having your kids help you in the kitchen builds lifelong skills. By helping you in the kitchen, your kids will learn to - 

  • Try, and possibly like, new foods. Cooking together creates and easy environment where tasting something different is low pressure and fun.
  • Understand what ingredients go into the foods they are eating. It will also help them to understand what ingredients shouldn’t go into what they are eating. This will set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits and help them understand the choices they are making when it comes to food.
  • See math and science in action. Measuring out ingredients, noticing the change that happens when different ingredients are added, seeing the effect heat has on substances, and so many other things will give them real life application to things they learn in school.
  • Appreciate eating at home and the person who makes the meal. If they can see that food doesn’t magically appear on their plate and that there is a real effort that goes into making it, fewer plates will **hopefully** be pushed away.
  • Have conversations and problem solve. Cooking together is a time to bond without a screen in the way. This is the time to get to know your kids and let them know you!
  • Be empowered! There is something liberating in seeing a plate of food and knowing that you could make it yourself. If they can do that, they can do other things as well.

For more information on the benefits of having your kids in the kitchen, as well as some tips for how to get started, check out this article.


via Decor it Darling

I want to get this stool and get my girl started in the kitchen as soon as possible! Check out all of RC Willey's cooking appliances to help get your kitchen ready for you and your family!

Do you let your kids help you cook? What are their favorite recipes?

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