The Best Instant Carpet Cleaner in the World

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The Best Instant Carpet Cleaner in the World

Posted by Alyssa on April 13, 2017

True or False: Nobody ever spills anything on your carpet and it stays perfectly clean ALL THE TIME.  

If you answered true, Congratulations!!  Your children/grandchildren/roomates/pets must listen to you more than mine listen to me!  I kind of don't like you anymore....You can now stop reading this blog post and be on your merry little way.  Enjoy your perfect carpet!   

If you answered false, you're in good company!  I have three small children, and despite my efforts to keep spillage to a minimum, it is unusual for a single day to go by without some sort of accident on my area rugs or carpet.  That is our reality, and I've learned to accept it.  Over the years (since becoming a mom), I have literally tried every carpet cleaning method and product out there.  And do you know what?  Nothing ever did exactly what it claimed to do, and I was almost always disappointed and frustrated.    

Until a few months ago.....when I found the best carpet cleaner in the world!!  It's called Folex, (you can pretty much buy it anywhere) and it's amazing.  I stumbled upon this stuff, and I tell you what, it is liquid gold/magic in a bottle.  It removes crystal light, blood, rust, grime, makeup, ink, grease, food, and more!  And the best part is that you get instant results- you don't even have to rinse, vacuum or wait around!  You simply spray this magic liquid directly onto the stain, rub it around with your finger tips, blot it with an absorbent cloth, and BAM!!  SPOTS WILL DISAPPEAR INSTANTLY!  My husband and I have been blown away.  It really does work!



To be clear, I have no affiliation with Folex... this stuff is just my new favorite go-to and it's worked miracles for me, so I had to share!  Go do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle!  


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