Why You Need An Instant Pot

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Why You Need An Instant Pot

Posted by Andie on August 25, 2017



When I first started hearing about the Instant Pot a while back, I remember thinking it sounded too good to be true.   One kitchen appliance that does the job of seven?  The whole thing seemed a little far fetched.  But I kept hearing good things, and then my mom gave me one for my birthday.  Her exact words were, "I know it's kind of a lame gift, but I promise you'll die over this thing."  It turns out, she was right.  Again. 

The Instant Pot is truly a modern miracle!  It's a multi-cooker that acts like a....
1. slow cooker
2. electric pressure cooker
3. rice cooker
4. steamer
5. yogurt maker
6. sauté/browning pan
7. warming pot 

Take it from me, if you haven't already invested in one of these babies, you need to ASAP.  It will greatly improve the quality of your life!  Here are a few of the reasons why...

You don't have to plan dinner ahead of time!  I'm one of those people that struggles with meal planning.  I loathe doing it, but I also hate the fact that I don't do it very often!   I constantly find myself bemoaning the fact that it's 5:30 and I have NO IDEA what to make for dinner.  This contraption has truly been a game changer for me.  With my Instant Pot I can easily throw together a nice meal in less than 30 minutes, while it looks like I've slaved away all day in the hot kitchen!  

You don't have to defrost meat!  Nothing frustrates me more than deciding I'm going to hurry and cook some chicken for dinner, only to realize that the only chicken I'm in possession of is rock hard and completely solid in the freezer.  It's usually at this point that I opt to take my kids to Chick-fil-A because rounding up my three kids, finding shoes, and buckling them up in the car always seems ten times easier than de-frosting chicken breasts. (Also, raw chicken kind of makes me sick).  Hello, beloved Instant Pot!  Now I can literally drop frozen chicken breasts straight from the freezer into the pot, and they will be completely cooked and tender in FIFTEEN MINUTES FLAT.  My kids wouldn't have even located matching shoes by that point....

It's QUICK! This has been mentioned already, but it's worth re-iterating a thousand times.  It's so, so quick!  5-10 minutes to heat up usually, and then about 15 minutes to cook.  Every time I pull something out of my Instant Pot, I kind of can't believe it's real.  It feels like magic.  I love the idea of the crock pot, but I can probably count the times I've actually used it to cook dinner on one hand.  I'm never thinking about dinner 8 hours ahead of time, so it does me absolutely no good.  The Instant Pot, however, is incredibly fast!

It produces delicious food.  Whether you're cooking rice, chicken, pork, yogurt, or steak- everything I've ever made in it has turned out fantastic!  Here are 50 Instant Pot Recipes that you need to try!

Are you sold yet??

If you already have an Instant Pot, what do you love most about it?!  



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