3 Ways to Help You Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

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3 Ways to Help You Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Andie on January 3, 2018


I'm one of those people who love New Year's Resolutions.  In the past I've gotten a little crazy making goals for myself to improve when a new year rolls around.  I like to divide my life into categories, and then create sub-goals underneath said categories: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, social, etc.  One time I literally had a New Year's master plan that included more than 85 goals. Yikes! I've learned the hard way that simply having good intentions doesn't always produce awesome results.  For me, simplifying the process has made all the difference.  Here are 3 ways to help you set and achieve your goals for 2018.....

1. Don't set your goals until mid-January
I like to let ideas of goals and resolutions simmer in my head for the first week or so in January before I make any major decisions.  Why?  I find that if I'm really intentional and thoughtful, I'm smarter and more realistic about the goals that I set.  Most people have already failed at half of their goals come January 15th, so starting then just seems like the right thing to do.  Be in it for the long haul, not just until talk of goals on social media has died down.  

2. Pick One Word
Don't worry.  You can still create a long list of goals if that's your thing, but more importantly, look at your life and first pick ONE WORD.  One overarching theme, or focus for the year.  This word should sum up who you want to become, and how you want to live this year.  Be intentional.  What is your life missing right now?  What do you want or need more of to be happy?  For some it might be, "Simplify", and for others it might be "Action".  The goal is to think of this word on a daily/weekly basis to help inspire you to live your best life.  Feeling stumped?  Here are some ideas of words from oneword365.com:

Reduce, Awake, Direction, Grace, Uplift, Health, New, Transformation, Battle, Revel, Unstoppable, Transition, Possibility, Thrive, Be, Imagine, Slow, Silence, Choose, Pause, Freedom, Relentless, Trust, Focus, Momentum, Adventure, Commit, Fortitude, More, Adapt, Different, Write, Forward, Appreciate, Brave, Confidence, Reflection, Organize, Create, Resolve, Embrace, Soar, Risk, Joy, Strength, Generous, Dare, Believe, Rebuilding, Simplify, Faith, Determined, Ambition, Truth, Integrity, Stewardship, Open, Finish, Diligence, Celebrate, Love, Progress, Invest, Sacrifice, Perspective, Growth, Present, Learn, Push, Optimism, Balance, Connect, Curious, Listen, Release, Change, Today, Minimize, Mindfulness, Ignite, Persistence, Opportunity, No, Empower, Shine, Courage, Discover, Together, Purpose, Relax, Live, Action, Peace, Breathe, Enjoy

3. Review, Review, Review!
Most people don't fail to achieve their New Year's Resolutions because they are lazy or their goals are too hard.  It's simply due to the fact that people forget what those goals were in the first place!  If you don't continually go back to and review your goals, you won't get anywhere.  Make it a practice to review them once a week, and you'll be able to accomplish everything you set out to do and become this year!  Happy 2018! 


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