Folding Clothes The Kon Mari Way

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Folding Clothes The Kon Mari Way

Posted by Andie on January 19, 2018

Do your clothing drawers get messy and unorganized, no matter how often you try to spruce things up?  Do you forget about certain clothes you own because they get stuck at the bottom of your drawer, never to found?  Are your drawers so full of clothes that you have a hard time opening and closing them?  Does the thought of digging through your drawers to find an outfit stress you out every day?....... If you answered yes to any of these questions, this post is for you!  In fact, I dare say it will change your life!

I read "The Magic of Tidying Up" a few years ago, and it helped me purge about 1/3 of my clothing.  It was super helpful and refreshing.  It wasn't until recently though, that I started folding my clothes the KonMari way.  I was so sick of not having enough room in my drawers for all of my clothes, and feeling like I couldn't find anything without emptying out the entire drawer in frustration.  One day I decided enough was enough.  I watched these videos on how to fold my clothing the KonMari way, and I've never looked back.  It looks tedious, but it's so easy.  You might need an hour or two in the beginning to fold everything, but after that, upkeep is a breeze!  


I can't even tell you how wonderful it is to open my drawer and literally see EVERYTHING that's inside!  The photo above is a drawer full of t-shirts.  I could only fit less than half of them in the same drawer when folded the traditional way!  It's made my life so much easier, and even freed up space in my closet.  I love it, and I will never go back to folding my clothes the mediocre way.  This is a game changer, you guys!  Try it out!



And now, here are the tutorials! ......





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