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What Makes Speed Queen Dryers Special?

When you're looking for a new dryer, a Speed Queen dryer from RC Willey could be the perfect choice for you. Speed Queen is famous for quality products that go beyond the typical life of other brands. Here's what you need to know:

Speed Queen dryers stand out for their enduring quality, outliving the average lifespan of other brands. Where most dryers only last 10-13 years, Speed Queen's products have been known to work for as long as 20+ years.

RC Willey's selection of Speed Queen dryers brings exceptional features tailored for the modern home. These dryers are not just energy-efficient, being Energy Star Certified, but they also boast advanced functions like steam refresh and steam boost, which are perfect for reducing wrinkles and refreshing clothes quickly. For pet owners, the pet hair removal feature is a game-changer, making it easier to keep clothes fur-free. An extended tumble option helps to prevent creases when you can't unload right away, and the anti-static feature cuts down on cling. Plus, the convenience of a reversible door allows for flexible installation in any laundry room layout.

With Speed Queen's durable design and these thoughtful features, your purchase from RC Willey is an investment in long-lasting, hassle-free laundry care.

Frequently Asked Questions about Speed Queen Dryers

What makes Speed Queen dryers different from other brands?

Speed Queen dryers are known for their durability and longevity, often outlasting competitors' models. They are built with commercial-grade materials and rigorously tested to ensure they can handle daily use.

Are Speed Queen dryers energy efficient?

Yes, many Speed Queen dryers are Energy Star Certified, meaning they meet or exceed federal guidelines for energy efficiency, which can save you money on your utility bills.

Does Speed Queen have both gas and electric dryers?

Yes, Speed Queen offers both gas and electric dryers, providing options to fit different home setups and personal preferences for energy sources. Just double-check to see if you have a gas hookup or an electric outlet in your laundry room. That way you can choose a Speed Queen model that works for you.

What is an extended tumble feature on a Speed Queen dryer?

This feature continues to tumble clothes after the cycle has ended to prevent wrinkles. This is extremely helpful if you're not available to remove your clothes from the drum immediately.

Where can I buy Speed Queen dryers?

At RC Willey we have a variety of models available for you to choose from. Swing by your local RC Willey to take a closer look at our Speed Queen dryers.

Can I finance my Speed Queen dryer?

Yes, we offer several financing options for Speed Queen dryers, making it easier to invest in a high-quality appliance.

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