5 Reasons to Buy a Round Dining Table

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5 Reasons to Buy a Round Dining Table

Posted by Alyssa on March 7, 2017


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So you're in the market for a new dining table.  As you well know, this is no small purchase! After all, dining tables are the kinds of furniture pieces that get passed on from generation to generation!  You want to make sure you invest in a table that will not only hold up for years to come, but also one that you won't get sick of stylistically.  So many questions to ask yourself here: How big do I want this table to be?  What materials do I want it constructed from?  What type of finish?  And one of the most important things you'll need to consider is shape!   

There are definitely pro's and cons to every table shape, but I am really really loving round tables lately, so here are 5 reasons you should consider buying a round dining table.....

1. No sharp corners = kid friendly.  I didn't realize how dangerous dining tables were until I became a parent.  With a round table you can let your small child wander around the table with a pretty safe bet you aren't going to end up in the Emergency Room getting stitches from an injury sustained by the corner of your table!

2. Round tables encourage closeness, intimate conversation and cozy gatherings.  Whenever we eat out with a big group of people at a restaurant, I always breathe a sigh of relief when we are seated at a big, round table.  There is nothing worse than getting stuck in one conversation by the people seated closest to you and secretly wondering what the people on the other end of the table are talking about!  Being able to see and hear everyone clearly around the dinner table makes the dining experience much more pleasant!

3. Shared dishes are easy to reach.  This goes hand in hand with our last point.  Have you ever wanted a second helping of cheesy potatoes, but knowing you are going to have to politely interrupt four different conversations to get them passed down to you from the other end of the table, while simulateneously advertising the fact that yes, you are having not one but two helpings of cheesy potatoes--you decide against it?  We've all been there.  And you deserve those seconds of cheesy potatoes!  With round tables you can have all the second and third helpings that you want because shared dishes aren't a big hassle to get your hands on!  

4. Round tables make small spaces feel bigger.  While rectangular and square tables tend to eat up a lot of space in a dining room, round tables do just the oppostie!  They take up much less space and visual weight, making small rooms feel a lot larger than they actually are.  

5. Last minute dinner guests?  No problem!  Round tables allow you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the amount of seating available. Whether you have five dinner guests, or nine, it doesn't really matter!  Just add another place setting and you can fit one more person in the mix no problem!  


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Do you have a round dining table?  What do you love about it??


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Also, check out this buyer's guide to the dining table, and also the image below- they are two great dining table resources!



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