3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Hang Your TV Over the Fireplace

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Hang Your TV Over the Fireplace

Posted by Alyssa on March 18, 2017


It's one of the most controversial design debates of the 21st century.  Both sides of the argument have supportive evidence, but I personally find myself in on the no TV's above the fireplace side of the fence. I know, I know.  It's convenient, it's trendy right now, and it looks nice and streamlined.  But that doesn't mean you should do it!  While it might seem like a good idea, here are 3 reasons why you should never mount your TV over the fireplace...



1. It's bad for your TV.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that heat + technology don't mix very well.  Bottom line: excessive exposure to heat and soot has the potential to really damage a TV.  Now, this doesn't mean your tv will get ruined if you hang it above the mantle per se, but you are definitely amping up your risk. Another important factor to consider: Your tv might hold up fine, but unfortunately your warranty might not.  Many manufacturer's actually void the factory warranty on a television if it has been hanging above a fireplace!  Do your homework before you get skunked.  

2. It's bad for your neck!
Studies have shown that if you have to lift your chin in order to see the television, it's hanging too high.  90% of mantles out there are much, much higher than eye level.  This might seem like a minor factor, but over time the hours and hours and years of straining your neck to see the TV can and will cause some serious and lasting repurcussions.  If you love spending lots of time and money at your chiropractor's office, then by all means hang that TV above the mantle!

3. You don't want your TV to be the main focus of the room.
We live in a time where Apple TV, Hulu, and Cable subscriptions are a natural and normal part of our everyday life.  Who doesn't like catching up on their TV shows or taking part in a good Netflix binge?  I get it.  We like tv. But that doesn't mean that the big black box needs to be the focal point of our living rooms!  Interior design can be lovely and personal and glorious, but to me there really isn't anything pretty about a TV being front and center.  Am I right?  

Where do you stand on this issue??  Are you for or against hanging the TV above the fireplace?  


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