Color Psychology

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Color Psychology

Posted by Alyssa on March 27, 2017

colored chalk

Color has a psychological effect on us, whether we are aware of it or not, and knowing this makes a big difference when it comes to decorating a room. Whether you’re planning on painting your walls or picking new bedding, knowing what effect different colors have on your mood will help you figure out how to design your perfect room. 

white room

via Domino


White is the color of purity and innocence. It's sometimes known as the color of perfection and helps connote cleanliness. Sometimes, though, stark white can feel sterile and cold. 

black room

via Growing Spaces


Black is a strong, bold color that is authoritative and mysterious. Using black adds a formal, elegant feeling to a room. Because it is such a strong color, black can feel suffocating or claustrophobic if you're not careful of how you use it.

grey room 

via Createcph


Being a mix of black and white, gray is the color of compromise. It's an unemotional color and can fit itself into most color schemes, but pure gray can occasionally feel detached or indecisive. 

red room

via Havenly


Strong, bold, and energetic, the color red grabs attention. It's the color of love, but also of decisiveness and aggression. Have you noticed how many restaurants use red in their decor? This color is supposed to make you hungry. 

pink room

via Elle Decor


Femininity is linked with the color pink. It's a nurturing, tranquil color that is often linked with youth. 

orange room

 via Shelterness


Orange is an enthusiastic, creative, joyful color. This color is linked with comfort and food. 

yellow room

via Apartment Therapy


Yellow is the happiest color. It's often linked with confidence and optimism and is thought to stimulate mental activity. Studies have shown, though, that bright yellow rooms make babies cry more, so avoid painting a nursery with this color!

green room

via Apartment Therapy


Green is a very balanced, organic color. This is a calming color that brings to mind nature. It's linked with self-reliance and growth.  

blue room

via Pencil Shavings Studio


Many office buildings are decorated with the color blue because it is supposed to clear your mind and mentally calming. This is an intellectual color that is often linked with logic. Blue is also supposed to curb appetites and can feel cold. 

purple room

via Living at Home


This is the color of imagination, ambition, and royalty. Purple symbolizes wisdom and adds a feeling of luxury when used. 

We just painted our bedroom blue and I love how calm I feel whenever I'm relaxing there. Have you noticed colors impacting how you feel? What colors do you like to have in your home? 


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