DIY Wall Hanging

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DIY Wall Hanging

Posted by Alyssa on June 13, 2017

I'm loving the wall hanging trend we've been seeing for a little while now, and decided to make one of my own!  Here's how to do it: 

1. Find a collection of photos or art that you'd like to display together.  They should all preferably be the same size.  I found a little desktop calendar on sale a couple of months ago at Anthropologie that I'd been wanting to do something with.  I cut up the calendar and ended up with 12 5x5 little cards.

2. Find a long, mostly straight stick (a little curve is okay though, because it gives it character). I literally found one in a pile of sticks that my little boy had collected in our yard.

3. Get a hole punch, and cut two holes in each picture, one at the top and one at the bottom (in the center).  

4. Lay out your pictures and determine a picture order.  I had 12 pictures and decided to do 4 strings with 3 photos on each string.  

5. Get a long piece of string (3-5 feet just to be safe) and start threading!  Thread the string in the top hole of your first picture, tie a knot, then bring it down the back of the photo and do the same thing on the bottom hole.  Then, leave a few inches of string and start threading on your next photo.  



6. Once you've finished threading all of the pictures on your strings, trim the string at the ends and tie them all onto your stick.  You're done!  So easy, and cute, don't you think?


Now go make one!



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