Warm and Cool Colors

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Warm and Cool Colors

Posted by Alyssa on June 7, 2017

color wheel

Knowing the difference between warm and cool colors will help you make great design decisions when it comes to decorating your home. Warm colors (red, yellow, and orange) are brighter, more social colors and are generally used in rooms where people gather, such as the kitchen or living room. Cool colors (blue, green, and purple) are more relaxing and peaceful colors that are perfect for quieter rooms like bedrooms or an office. I’ve gathered some tips on using both warm and cool colors below. 


living room

via The Design Files

Don’t limit yourself to only bright red, yellow, and orange when thinking of warm colors. Any color that has a tint of these colors in it is considered a warm color. Warm colors are bolder and can make a large space feel cozier. If you have a large room that feels empty, painting the walls a warm color or adding some warm accent pieces will help the room feel smaller and more intimate. These are intense colors, so bring in some cool accents to keep things from getting out of hand.


via HGTV

living room

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Like warm colors, any color with a hint of blue, green, or purple is considered a cool color. Cool colors are bright, refreshing, and peaceful so keep your design light. Your room will feel bigger and more open if you use cool colors as your primary source of color, but be sure to include some warm accents to avoid a room that feels too cold.

diring room

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living room

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A few other things to remember…

living room

via Thoughts From Alice

Having a mixture of both warm and cool colors in a design will give your home a sense of balance and unity. Whatever your main color is, consider bringing in accents of its complimentary color


via Donna's Blog

When it comes to using neutrals, check the undertones of the colors you’ve chosen. Gray, for example, can be a cool color or a warm color depending on its undertones. 

How have you combined warm and cool colors in your home?

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