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RC Willey's 90th Anniversary Sponsor Frigidaire

Frigidaire—Appliances that Fit your Needs

Frigidaire is passionate about making it easier for all families to live a little better each day. Find the right cooking appliance for getting dinner on the table a little better, the right laundry appliance for cleaning your family’s favorite clothes a little better, the right refrigerator for storing your favorite food, snacks, and beverages a little better. Whatever your busy life calls for, there’s a Frigidaire appliance for it.

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Whether you are looking for refrigerators with adjustable storage bins or wall ovens with temperature probes that ensure a perfectly cooked meal every time, Frigidaire appliances are a game-changer. RC Willey offers Frigidaire refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers, cooktops, wall ovens, ranges, dishwashers and heating and cooling appliances.

Frigidaire Refrigerators

RC Willey carries Frigidaire French Door, Side-by-Side, Top Freezer and Top Refrigerator models. Popular features include CrispSealEffortless™ Glide Crisper Drawers that can be configured any number of ways to help you organize your refrigerator. Even Temp™ allows you to maintain an even temperature throughout the refrigerator. Store-More™ Shelves give you more space to store your food. Some models feature ice and water filtration units that remove lead and cysts from your household water. Store-More™ Gallon Door Shelves give you room for larger items like a gallon of milk. Frigidaire’s PureAir Ultra® Filtration System removes up to 7 times more odor than baking soda to keep ingredients tasting fresh. Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel resists fingerprints and cleans easily. The door on Top Freezer and Top Refrigerator models can be installed to open left or right based on your needs. RC Willey also carries Frigidaire upright and chest freezers. Uprights offer extra food storage space with frost-free operation. Power-on indicator lights let you know your freezer is working and the freezer key automatically ejects after locking so you won’t leave it in the door. Chest freezers include a manual-defrost function and defrost drain, along with a front-mounted, state-of-the-art mechanical thermostat. Moving the appliance is almost effortless thanks to two rear rollers.

Frigidaire Laundry

To help you with your laundry needs, RC Willey features Frigidaire washers, dryers and stacks. Frigidaire top load washing machines feature a 4.1 cubic feet wash capacity and 12 wash cycles. Personalize your wash with options such as My Cycle and Eco Wash. Easy to use electronic controls offer the convenience of a digital readout and cycle status lights. Frigidaire dryers allow you to fit more in every load. Ten convenient dry cycles – including Bulky, Active Wear and Sanitize – prepare you to meet the toughest drying needs. Reduce wrinkles with Frigidaire’s Anti-Wrinkle Option. Stacking washers and dryers are great for those who must fit their laundry appliances in a tight space. Fit more in every load with a 3.9 cubic feet washer capacity. MaxFill™ options allow for the maximum water level for the selected cycle. Green LED lights keep you informed when the cycle is washing, rinsing, spinning and done. With 4 timed dryer cycles, choose a drying time that works with your schedule. End-of-cycle beeps will alert you when your laundry is done.

Frigidaire Cooking

Revolutionize your cooking with Frigidaire cooktops, ranges, microwave ovens, wall ovens and range hoods. RC Willey is proud to offer Frigidaire induction, gas and electric cooktops. Induction cooktops are more precise than gas, more efficient than electric, and give you greater control in the kitchen. You’ll get a quicker boil as induction heats the pot and not the cooktop surface. Precise temperature control reduces the risk of over or under cooking. Gas cooktops feature popular options like angled front controls, continuous corner-to-corner grates and dishwasher-safe cast iron grates. SpillSafe® Cooktops contain your spillovers for easier cleanup. Seamless recessed burners are easy to clean. Low Simmer Burners are perfect for delicate foods and sauces. Frigidaire electric cooktops are packed with convenient options such as the SpaceWise® feature where the element expands to accommodate various sizes of cookware. The 3000-watt Quick Boil element speeds up your cooking time. A hot surface indicator alerts you when your cooktop may be too warm to touch. RC Willey carries a variety of Frigidaire electric, gas and induction ranges. Electric models feature Quick Boil, allowing you to get meals on the table faster, and a Keep Warm Zone that keeps food warm until everything – and everyone – is ready. SpaceWise® Expandable Elements expand to meet your cooking needs – big or small. Store-More™ Storage Drawers give you extra space to store your cookware. Frigidaire gas ranges feature Quick Boil, continuous corner-to-corner grates, sealed gas burners, a Low Simmer Burner – perfect for cooking delicate foods and sauces – and a 10,000 BTU oval burner that allows you to evenly heat and cook on griddles. Frigidaire induction ranges are amazingly fast – boiling water 50% faster than an electric cooktop. Roast meats faster with Quick Bake Convection that uses a fan to continuously circulate heat around food. Induction delivers even heat across the surface of the pan to ensure perfect results. Induction easy-to-clean surfaces generate heat only to your pan, not your cooktop, meaning spills can’t burn onto the surface. Auto Sizing™ Pan Detection automatically senses the size of the pan and only sends heat to that pan. True Temp Melt & Hold delivers low, precise heat for melting delicate ingredients or sauces without scorching or burning for up to one hour. Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel resists fingerprints and cleans easily. Frigidaire microwave ovens have multiple cooking and several One-Touch options that allow you to prepare meals easily and effortlessly. Popular features include the PureAir® Microwave Filter that removes 10 times more cooking odors than standard Frigidaire filters. Easily wipe away and clean spills from your microwave with the Effortless Clean™ Interior surface. Sensor Cooking adjusts microwave power levels and cooking times and Effortless™ Reheat allows you to reheat almost anything at the touch of a button. The SpaceWise® Rack creates more room so you can cook multiple dishes at once. One-Touch buttons give you the freedom to cook baked potatoes, popcorn and other foods with the touch of a button. An extra large glass turntable rotates for even cooking. RC Willey carries Frigidaire single wall and double wall ovens. With Even Baking Technology, these ovens ensure perfect baking every time. Vari-Broil™ Temperature Control gives you the option between two heat levels – guaranteeing your food is cooked just the way you like it. The Effortless™ Temperature Probe detects and alerts you when the desired finished cooking temperature has been reached and automatically switches to the keep warm setting. As an added bonus, your oven cleans itself – so you don’t have to. Set your oven to begin cooking on your schedule with the Delay Start Baking Option. Ready-Select® Controls allow you to easily select options or control cooking temperatures. RC Willey also carries Frigidaire range hoods. Many feature powerful blowers to handle venting and Halogen lighting to illuminate cooktop surfaces below. Filters are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Frigidaire Dishwashers

Available at RC Willey in black, white and stainless steel finishes, Frigidaire dishwashers eliminate the need for “do-overs.” Three separate spray levels give your dishes the ultimate clean every time. These energy-efficient appliances – with a durable polymer washtub - can clean up to 14 place settings in one cycle. A Heated Drying System dries your dishes the first time. Set your dishwasher to run on your schedule – up to four hours in advance. LED lights tell you what cycle is selected and when your dishes are clean. A self-cleaning filter eliminates food particles, keeping dishes clean.

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