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10 Awesome Greenhouses

Posted by Kerry on June 30, 2015


We bought a very eclectic house. It seems like the previous owner did a lot of the design and construction himself which is one reason we fell in love with it - it's very personal. One of the features he added was a 500 sq. ft. heated greenhouse. I love gardening and while I am yet to go full nursery in the greenhouse, we have found this space to be one of our favorite hangouts (when the temperature allows.) Our greenhouse is mainly a ping pong/playroom for rainy days and the winter months, but it's definitely in our plan to make it more of an indoor/outdoor living room and the hub of our backyard entertaining. The great thing about greenhouses are the price/functionality. We sell a variety of sizes and styles here at RC Willey, and for the price you just can't beat the extra space. Your greenhouse could be part planting shed and part artist studio. It could be a personal reading nook for the spring or fall months. It could be an outdoor dining room as well as a planting shed. The possibilities are endless and you can extend your planting season through the winter months with the proper setup. Take a look at these 10 beautiful greenhouses and let me know in the comments if you have a special use for your greenhouse. 


Here's a beautiful working greenhouse for the traditionalist. (source)

This industrial greenhouse is a great place to kick back with some friends or read a good book. (source)


This English-style greenhouse in Massachusetts seems like a lovely place to have a cup of tea. (source)

Here's another example of a greenhouse with beautiful plants and nice places to kick back and relax. (source)

This homeowner has a portable hot tub and a few plants in their outdoor greenhouse. You can purchase this greenhouse and many more from RC Willey. 

This greenhouse is a great way to enjoy eating outdoors and shield yourself from bugs! (source)

It looks like this homeowner plans on using their greenhouse to populate their new landscape! (source)

Here's another great example of outdoor dining in a greenhouse. I love the addition of the chandelier! (source

Here's a beautiful potting shed greenhouse for a talented gardener. (source)

Last but not least, we have a greenhouse turned office in San Francisco. (source) With this view I don't know how he gets any work done! Once again, if you have a greenhouse tell us about it! And if you think this would be a fun addition to your backyard, take a moment and browse our selection of inexpensive DIY greenhouses!

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Air Conditioner VS Evaporative Cooler

Posted by Kerry on June 24, 2015

As of Sunday, June 21, it's officially summer, but for many of you it has probably felt like that for at least a month or longer. Are you tired of sleeping on top of the sheets? Tired of taking that cold shower right before bed? Tired of having box fans blowing hot air all over you? It's time to take care of yourself and get some air conditioning! I lived on the East Coast for years without air conditioning and I remember the year when we finally invested in a window unit and it was life changing. We would come home from work and all huddle in one room, from dinner until bedtime, and it was glorious sleeping under the covers again. I want this for you and your family, so let's take a look at some air conditioning options. RC Willey sells two main forms of air conditioners: evaporative coolers and refrigerated coolers (what most of us call a/c or hvac).

Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, are a unique cooling system for dryer climates, which is why they work so well here in the West! They are inexpensive to purchase and inexpensive to operate and we employ one to cool our home in Salt Lake City. An evaporative cooler works by adding water vapor to the air which lowers the temperature of the air. If you have ever turned on your sprinklers at night and felt an adjacent area of the yard feel much cooler than before, this is the same concept. Many people ask me if our evaporative cooler can get as cool as air conditioning and the answer is yes! We leave ours on overnight and every morning I wake up with the comforter over me. I would say our overnight temperature probably dips into the 60's, which I love for a good night's sleep. As with most things in life the evaporative cooler has pros and cons.


The pros of evaporative cooling are:

  • Inexpensive cost of entry
  • Lower cost to operate over refrigerated cooling
  • Adds moisture to dry air
  • No special refrigerants needed, just water
  • Few parts to maintain

The cons of evaporative cooling are:

  • Not as efficient in humid climates
  • Has an optimal temperature operating threshold (happiest under 100°F)
  • Need to mointor water input


Refrigerated coolers, aka a/c, are the types found in your vehicle, window unit or home's central system. I won't bore you with how they work, we all know they can work very well in a variety of conditions including high humidity environments. 

The pros of refrigerated cooling are:

  • Colder potential air temperature than evaporative air coolers
  • More consistent temperature due to thermostat
  • Not affected by excess humidity
  • Quieter operation at source

The cons of refrigerated cooling are:

  • Higher electrical operating costs
  • Need to use a window for install (insects, intruders, less attractive)
  • Uses special chemical refrigerant

So it's really up to you! If you live in an arid climate like Utah, you have at least two options to consider, and my best piece of advice is to overbuy for your room. If your room size is on the upper end of what the air conditioner can do, then definitely buy up a size. I have had window units in the past that just couldn't cool off the area I needed and owning an air conditioner like that is a frustrating and unsatisfing purchase. If you don't think you can afford a larger unit, consider financing options at RC Willey. 


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XSories X-Project WiFi Mini Projector Review

Posted by Kerry on June 18, 2015

Richard is our electronics buyer and he dropped off this sampling from XSories the other day and I jumped at the opportunity to test this stuff in the real world. XSories makes a ton of cool stuff for camera/video nerds like myself including tripods, monopods, suction mounts, and this very cool WiFi enabled pocket projector. Most of you are familiar with how the other stuff works, so let me focus on the XSories X-Project Wi-Fi projector for a minute. It has a decent onboard battery that will give you at least an hour and a half playback on full brightness. With the proper setup you can have a very clear image on a wall - I believe we were probably watching an 8-10 foot image on my garage at my home. Since this projector is so small, I could see us taking it camping, putting it in a spare room for guests, and definitely watching more than one movie in our backyard this summer. I knew my daughter and I thought it was cool but I was shocked about how much my wife liked it. She was definitely asking about pricing a few minutes into the movie.

You can use this projector in a variety of ways. It has an onboard slot for an SD card, so you can just go from your camcorder straight to the projector and watch home movies. It also has android and WiFi so you can watch your favorite YouTube videos with friends or you can go oldschool like us and plug in a laptop or DVD player. Whatever you end up doing with it - it's very cool and very easy. The projector has an onboard speaker and I never thought to check it out because I had synced my Bluetooth Bose SoundLink to my laptop for awesome theater sound. It's moments like these where I am sitting in my backyard, enjoying the comforts of nature and at the same time streaming a true drive-in experience with equipment that could fit in a small backpack, that I realize how awesome it is to live in the future. Maybe it's time to talk yourself or your Dad into a backyard theater. Father's Day is this weekend you know...Go ahead and watch the video and see the XSories projector in action.


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Traeger Smoked Salmon & Pineapple Salsa Recipe

Posted by Kerry on June 12, 2015

Welcome back to another episode of the #rcwilleycommunity. This recipe was provided by Rod & Roger of R&R BBQ in Salt Lake City and it was absolutely delicious. I am a big fan of salmon and I usually cook mine on a gas grill with a cedar plank. That was my favorite way to cook salmon until I had this version on a Traeger Grill. With the right amount of smoke, caramelized garlic, butter and lime juice, the fish alone would have been an outstanding treat - but when you add the pineapple salsa...whoa. I can't even think about it because I know my lunch consists of peanut butter sandwiches. 

This was a tremendously easy recipe to make and I am sure it will become a standard recipe for your smoker. Big thanks to R&R BBQ for their time and to their brother-in-law, SalmonDog, for the recipe. He definitely earned that name. If you have a moment please subscribe to our YouTube channel, leave a comment and like the videos. This will notify you when a new video becomes available and if you like BBQ or baking we have a bunch more videos on the horizon. Thanks again and happy cooking! Watch the video and print out these recipe cards! 



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How to Choose the Best Baby Crib

Posted by RC Willey Community on June 8, 2015

Preparing for the arrival of a baby is expensive and that’s why it’s smart for you to purchase items that multi-task. After all, your baby is going to grow up and his/her needs will be constantly changing. This crib converts to a toddler bed and later with optional bed rails, into a twin bed, saving you from buying new furniture as your child grows. For the toddler stage there is a removable side rail that will keep your little boy or girl in bed and not rolling onto the floor, and the low mattress makes it easy for him or her to climb into bed at night. The Bradford bed is classically designed and will last your child for years while staying in style. 

Once you know which bed you want to buy you have to decide on color. If you want this purchase to last a long time I would recommend getting a neutral color (one that goes with everything) so that you can use it for more than one child. Unless you have a fantastic crystal ball, you don’t know what your future children will be, but brown or white should work fine for a boy or girl. If you have a lot of dark wood in your house, you might want to get a similar finish and if you have white woodwork and want a “lighter” feeling, go with white.

Today, medical experts warn against bumper pads, pillows, and blankets in the crib for baby safety (SIDS). Grandparents may not be aware of this shift in nursery design and safety, as those things used to be part of accessorizing the nursery, however, you can still play with themes and color schemes with fitted bottom sheets and dust ruffles that coordinate with curtains or valances, wall hangings or art, paint color, lamps, etc. Be honest with family and friends on what you want your nursery to look like and prepare yourself for mountains of coordinating baby gifts!

Beth is a designer for O Baby! Originals, an American-made baby clothing brand.  

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The RC Willey Father's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Kerry on June 5, 2015

p nbsp img src blog 34 5586 fathers-day-rv.jpg alt width 779 height 250 p p Last year my wife had to leave town for the week of Father s Day and I was sad. So Father s Day morning I took a look at the KSL classifieds put my daughter in the car and we headed down to Provo where I bought a vintage camper on the spot. It was a very expensive impulse buy. We ended up using the camper one time on a weekend getaway to Park City and a few months later I sold it. The lesson from this is don t leave the nbsp Dad in your family alone on Father s Day and make sure he knows he doesn t need to go buy himself a gift he might regret nbsp --more-- img class hidden src https images more-tag.png alt p p This expensive amp time consuming experience led me to putting together the definitive a href http Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide.jsp target blank 2015 Father s Day Gift Guide a and I seperated it based on what kind of Dad you have. Like many Dads I am a little bit of all of these and I am sure your pop is too so go ahead and check out each Dad-type and hopefully you will find something that suits him perfectly. nbsp p p To all the Dads out there keep up the good work and if you need me to add anything to this list as a hint to your family leave it in the comments below p p a href http Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide.jsp NewDad target blank img src blog 34 5586 NEWDADSBUTTON1.png alt width 120 height 52 a nbsp a href http Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide.jsp chef target blank img src blog 34 5586 CHEFDADS2.png alt width 120 height 52 a nbsp a href http Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide.jsp couch target blank img src blog 34 5586 couchdads2.png alt width 120 height 52 a nbsp a href http Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide.jsp sport target blank img src blog 34 5586 SPORTYDADS2.png alt width 120 height 52 a nbsp a href http Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide.jsp outdoor target blank img src blog 34 5586 OUTDOORSYDADS2.png alt width 120 height 52 a nbsp a href http Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide.jsp tech target blank img src blog 34 5586 TECHIEDADS2.png alt width 120 height 52 a p
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Fun Play Areas for Kids

Posted by RC Willey Community on June 2, 2015

The kids are almost out of school and long summer days are ahead of us. Don’t spend a fortune on trips to amusement parks or the beach. Instead, make your backyard the place where your kids (and maybe even the whole neighborhood) want to hang out this summer. Check out these simple additions to your backyard that will be a ton of fun for your kids, while you create great family memories!

Take flight with this see-saw! I’ve never seen a see-saw (or teeter-totter depending on where you grew up) like this before! The Ace Flyer Double Teeter-Totter Airplane can seat up to seven children and the see-saw motion can go up-and-down or side-to-side. The details on this are really fun, too--an interactive dashboard, spinning wheel, and of course the propeller. How else would they take flight? The Ace Flyer is durable, made of powder-coated steel and HDPE plastic, which means it won’t fade or rust, and your kids won’t get splinters when they play on it. This product looks so good, you won’t mind letting it hang out in your backyard even when your kids are grown! And don’t worry, even though it is strong enough for seven kids, it’s still easy enough to move when you need to mow your lawn.

Invest in a playset that will grow with your kids! The Adventurer Heavy Duty Metal Playset with Clubhouse takes a few hours to set up, but will provide your kids with years of fun! There are so many activities to keep your children entertained including two belt swings, a trapeze swing, a propeller swing, a climbing wall, a cargo net, an activity chalkboard, a wavy slide, and a lookout deck with oversized binoculars! Your kids will basically have their very own backyard playground. This playset also has overwhelmingly positive reviews from families who have purchased it. One reviewer even reported that his teenagers still have fun on the swings!

Jump for Joy and get some great exercise while you’re at it! Have you been on a trampoline as an adult? It’s still as fun as you remember from childhood, but now it’s also exhausting! Trampoline parks are popping up all over the country and one of their main offerings is high-intensity workouts for adults. Who knew? Back to your kids though! The Propel 14’ trampoline with enclosure will not only provide your children with hours of fun, but it can also keep them safe. The impact absorbing response system ensures that even if your child hits the enclosure, they will feel a soft, yet absorbent response. Additionally the thick sure-lock safety pad is firmly held in place and can withstand any weather.

To add an extra fun element to your trampoline, check out the Propel Jump-N-Jam Trampoline Basketball Hoop and perfect your slam dunk!

Enjoy some friendly competition and hone those soccer skills while teaching your kids about good sportsmanship with this portable soccer goal. Friendly games of soccer in the backyard will help the whole family get in a ton of exercise while having a great time. Just remember to have some healthy, homemade popsicles on hand to help everyone cool off afterwards!


Create a kid-friendly spot for picnics! I love this adorable mushroom table and seats. It will add a colorful and fun element to your backyard and provides a great spot for your kids to enjoy lunch or just enjoy a good book. Either way, you won’t have to work hard to convince them to get some fresh air and their daily dose of vitamin D!

Make the most of this summer and encourage your children to ditch the video games and get outside and play! Just don’t forget the sunscreen! I'm Danielle Hegedus and if you want more ideas and inspiration, head to

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