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Chevron Pattern

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on March 25, 2011

I have to admit I was a bit surprised when I learned that the Chevron (an inverted v-shape pattern) has been around since before 1800 B.C.  According to scholars, some of the earliest examples of the design have been found on pottery, rocks, and shields from long, long ago.  Thousands of years later, the Chevron stripe continues to be a hot topic in the design world.  While the pattern has been used frequently over the years, it's definitely made a huge resurgence as of late.  I've been seeing Chevron walls, rugs, pillows, drapes, and furniture pop up everywhere recently!  Some critics view the look as being way too busy and nauseating, but I think that if it's done tastefully, it can be fresh, classy, and fun. 


What do you think of this new trend?




image via Me Oh My!




image via caitlin wilson design




image via apartment therapy




image via apartment therapy




image via apartment therapy




Christina Murphy Interiors via decor pad




image via decor pad




image via decor pad




image via decor pad




Diane Bergeron via decor pad




image via little green notebook




image via little green notebook




image via decor8 blog




Garrison Hullinger Interior Design



If you want to paint your own Chevron Wall, check out this great tutorial.





Congrats to this week's Sony Slam Dunk Sweepstakes Blog Contest Winner,

Michelle Tonga from Taylorsville, UT!   Michelle, email me ( your info and I'll get you this Sony Blu-ray player


If you haven't entered the Sony Slam Dunk Blog Contest, we've still got one more drawing next week that you could be eligible for!  We'll be giving away another Sony Home Theater System next Friday to another lucky blog reader.  It could be you!  



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5 Reasons I Love My Sony 3D TV

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on March 23, 2011

A few months ago we decided to invest in a Sony 3D-Ready 1080p HDTV.  I wasn't super thrilled about the idea at first since our apartment is pretty small, and I didn't want the TV to be the main focal point of the room. After all, 46" seemed a lot bigger than the 32" TV we had at the time.   But, the price was right, and I could tell my other half was completely infatuated with this glorious TV and so I decided to compromise.  After all, he always puts up with my decorating splurges.  




While originally I thought this purchase was mostly going to be my husband's toy, I've ended up loving it just as much (if not more) than he does!  Here are the top five ways this TV has impressed me.....


1. Channel Surfing Made Easy

I am not a tech savy person, and I probably never will be.  In the past, I've given up on learning how to work a new product out of sheer frustration.  This time has been refreshingly different.  It was so simple to learn how to navigate around and work the remote- I even taught myself!


2. A TV That Doesn't Crash Your Decorating Party

Unlike some TV's, this one is aesthetically pleasing.  Like I mentioned, I didn't want everyone who walked into our living room to only notice the TV... and luckily, they don't.  The design is Super lightweight, sleek, and thin.  Along with taking up virtually no space at all, it also doesn't scream for attention.   


3. Am I Really Watching TV??

The 2D viewing settings are absolutely stellar.  Normally, I don't really notice if a TV has a good or bad picture (my co-workers think I'm crazy) but once we plugged this puppy in, I DEFINITELY NOTICED.  I haven't ever seen a more incredible picture up close.  


4. Never A Dull Moment

My very favorite feature is that we can get the internet through the TV!  Hello instant Netflix, Pandora, NPR, YouTube, Hulu, and more.  Even when it seems like nothing is on TV, you've got an endless array of other options!  I am constantly using the TV instead of my laptop.  


5. Early Adopting

We still haven't purchased our 3D glasses (that might be a little ways down the road), but just knowing we have the option is nice!  As more and more 3D content comes out it makes me excited to get watching things in 3D! 



Unfortunately RC Willey sold out of the 46" Sony 3D TV that I bought, but the good news is that we still have plenty of the Sony 3D 55" TV! (This is the exact same TV that I have, only bigger!)    Whether you are looking to buy a new TV or not, I highly recommend checking it out!  We also have several other brand new on the market 3D TV's in our store locations, so stop by!


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Carpet Remnants for Pennies PLUS Sony Slam Dunk Winner!

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on March 18, 2011

There is nothing that I love more in life than a good deal.  Okay, maybe a rich, chocolate dessert, or my husband, but that's besides the point.


I've been a bargain shopper ever since I was a kid.  I still remember digging excitedly through bin after bin of shoes at Filene's Basement during my first visit to New York City at the age of seven (If you haven't been there the best way I can describe it is bargain heaven times 3 billion), and always perusing the clearance racks first thing when I went to the mall with my friends in middle school.  Truth be told, some of my most prized household items, clothes, shoes, etc. have been found on the super cheap.  My mother indeed taught me well.


And so my friends, from one bargain shopper to another, I want to let you Utah residents in on a little secret.......


Did you know that RC Willey has a Utah Flooring Outlet?


Most people have never heard of such a thing, but I promise you it exists.  In fact, it is the largest Clearance Center of it's kind in the state of Utah.  




Here's how it works.  RC Willey buys full rolls of carpet from carpet mills, which we sell at all of our store locations.  Over time, these rolls get smaller and smaller as customers purchase different amounts of carpet (one roll covers a lot of floor).  Eventually when these rolls get too small to sell on the show room floor (about 30 square yards), they are sent to the Clearance Center, and sold at a drastically discounted price.  This happens every single day.  


At any given time, there are over 2,000 rolls of never been used, name brand carpet, available for up to 70% off in the carpet outlet.  The prices are so cheap, RC Willey is practically paying you to get this carpet off their hands!  





So if you have a basement to finish, a rental property that needs to be re-carpeted, or a room or two in your home or office that needs updating, be sure to stop by our Carpet Clearance Center in Salt Lake City.  All carpet is available for immediate pickup, or professional installation, whichever you prefer.  


Trust me, you've never seen anything like this place! 




A big Congratulations to this week's Sony Slam Dunk Sweepstakes Blog Contest Winner,

Joyce Pawlik from the great mid-western state of Illinois!  Joyce, email me ( your info and I'll get this Sony Home Theater System in the mail right away!



If you haven't entered the Sony Slam Dunk Blog Contest, make sure you do right now for a chance to win a Sony Blu-ray player next Friday!  If you've already entered, you'll be eligible for the drawings every Friday this month!



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DIY Wall Art

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on March 16, 2011

For the past few months, I've been looking for some artwork to hang above my kitchen table.  Everything I found was either way too expensive for my budget, or it didn't capture the vision I had in my mind.  A couple weeks ago, my husband had the brilliant idea to make our own piece of modern looking art.



This was probably one of my favorite art projects we've ever tackled together.  If you're looking for a fun family activity or date idea, look no further.  It was SUPER easy, and no artistic ability is required (trust me, we don't have much).   In order to be successful, all you have to do is throw a little paint around!


Here's what you'll need to make your own:


A canvas (whichever size you prefer)

Acrylic paints (however many colors you want- we had 5)

an old toothbrush

paint brushes


Step 1

Get a plastic drop cloth and tape it to the walls and floors you'll be working around.  The more that you cover, the less careful you have to be when throwing the paint.





Step 2

Start getting crazy with your paints!  We used old tooth brushes, little paint brushes, and our fingers to simply throw paint at our canvas.  There is no right or wrong way to do it- just have fun with it!  (The harder you throw the paint, the better the lines turn out.  We sat about two feet away from our canvas and felt like that was the perfect distance.)









Step 3

After you've had your fill of throwing paints, let it dry for at least 2 hours (or as directed on the paint bottles).  After it's dry, hang it up and enjoy!  It's a great conversation starter!



P.S. It looks even better in real life.


Hope some of you try this out at home- you'll have a blast!



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White Bedrooms

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on March 11, 2011

Lately, I've been itching to give my bedroom a little face lift.  As I've perused magazines, blogs, and websites for decorating ideas and color schemes, I've become completely enthralled with the color white.  Why white?  With happy weather looming in the near future and the thought of the sun being a permanent fixture in my life again, I think this newfound obsession is quite understandable.  You see, in my mind white = summer.  It embodies warmth, youthfulness, peace, tranquility, relaxation, and everything good in this world.    


I'm absolutely LOVING the understated elegance and simplicity of fresh white bedding, accessorized with bold colorful pillows, drapes, furniture, and artwork.  Here are some of the rooms that have inspired me on my own decorating quest.... 


Wouldn't you want to take a snooze in these rooms!?  



image via Apartment Therapy



image via Apartment Therapy



image via madebygirl



Diane Bergeron image via decor pad



Angie Hranowsky image via decor pad



Monelle Totah image via decor pad



Waterleaf Interiors image via decor pad



image via design sponge



image via design sponge



image via design sponge



image via design sponge



image via design sponge



image via design sponge





In other news.... CONGRATS to our Sony Slam Dunk Blog Contest Winner this week.....

Lori Grygier, from Clinton Utah!  Lori, email me at so that we can get you this Blu-ray Player!  


If you haven't entered the Sony Slam Dunk Blog Contest, do so now for a chance to win a Sony Home Theater System next Friday!  If you've already entered, you'll be eligible for the drawings every Friday this month.  One entry per person will be enforced.  


Good luck, and Happy Friday!



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Types of Wood Furniture

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on March 9, 2011

Shopping for furniture?  Wondering what the heck the difference is between hardwoods, softwoods, veneers, and laminated engineered woods?  It can get confusing, to say the least.  Wendy, one of our furniture buyers here at RC Willey helped me understand what the differences really are when it comes to wood.....



Hardwood: Comes from angiosperms, or flowering plants.  These deciduous (leaf bearing) trees start growing leaves in the spring as the sap starts to flow, carrying moisture and nutrients that help the tree grow.  In autumn, the leaves usually change color, and eventually the tree sheds it's leaves as colder weather causes the sap to stop flowing. Examples of hardwood trees include Maple, Mahogany, Elm, Oak, and Balsa.








Softwood: Comes from gymnosperms, or vascular plants.  Instead of bearing and shedding leaves like deciduous trees, these conifer (cone-bearing) trees keep their needle-like leaves year round.  Coniferous trees are the oldest known form of tree and preceded leaf bearing trees by eons and eons. Examples of softwood trees include Spruce, Redwood, Cedar, and Pine.









Veneers: Since rare woods are scarce, and because they've always been more expensive than other woods, many types of furniture, both new and old, are made with veneer, a thin layer of wood glued to a base of less expensive wood or plywood.









Laminated Engineered Wood: In order to be conserve our natural habitat, there are several manufacturers today that have started using laminated engineered wood, which are wood panels entirely made from recovered and recycled material.  








Now that I know the difference, which kind should I buy?


There are several questions you need to ask yourself.  What type or finish will look best in your home?  Do you want to see the grain of the wood, or do you prefer it stained one color?  How often will the furniture get used? How much do you want to spend?  Let's take a look at some of these factors......



Furniture woods are chosen and valued for the character of their grain and color. Hardwoods usually have a richer and finer-textured grain than softwoods, but there are rich grains of all colors and patterns. Woods with very distinctive patterns are usually more valuable than woods with subdued or indistinct patterns, and the weaker-grained woods are often stained to give them character.  Many people don't realize this, but veneers are largely used because of the beauty of their grain patterns.



Value and cost are inextricably connected when it comes to wood furniture.  In general, hardwoods are more valuable than softwoods since the wood is more scarce.  They also tend to be harder and heavier than other wood species and are used in making the highest quality furniture pieces available.  As a result, hardwood pieces come with a higher price tag.  Softwoods are a bit less expensive, followed by veneers, with the most economical choice being laminated engineered wood.    


Going Green 

If preserving precious resources is important to you, you should consider veneers or laminated engineered wood.  Since a veneer log produces thousands of feet of beautiful surface wood, veneered effects offer the most efficient and economical means of using a scarce natural resource.

Also, laminated engineered wood is specifically designed to preserve our environment, and it can be strong, durable, and have the look of real wood. 


Long Term/ Upkeep

Most hardwoods are stronger and less likely to dent that softwoods.  Solid hardwood furniture is an investment with many benefits, but one of the downsides is that it can be susceptible to changes in humidity.  Solid wood tends to split with the grain.  In a dry environment, wood contracts, and in moist conditions it expands.  


The veneers of today eliminate splitting, warping or cracking.  New glues and machinery have greatly improved and transformed it over the years into a stable, reliable product.  Laminated engineered wood is low maintenance, but obviously not the highest quality.  While you can purchase it for a low price, you'll most likely need to replace it much sooner than solid wood pieces.  




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Sony Slam Dunk Sweepstakes!

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on March 3, 2011

It's finally March!  And you know what that means... COLLEGE BASKETBALL!!!  




In honor of this glorious month (spring is just around the corner) and fantastic sport, we're having a Sony Slam Dunk Sweepstakes!  Here's how it works: RC Willey is giving away FIVE 55" Sony TVs in five weeks on facebook, and I'm joining in on the fun and giving away a Sony Home Theater System or Blu-Ray Player every Friday to one of you lucky blog readers!  Winners will be chosen at random, and announced on these days:


Friday, March 11th: Blu-ray Player Winner

Friday, March 18th: Home Theater System Winner

Friday, March 25th: Blu-ray Player Winner

Friday, April 1st: Home Theater System Winner


Want to win?  It's easy!  Just visit our Blog Contest Page and enter! Plus, the best news of the day is that you can live in Indiana, Georgia, New York, or any of the lower 48 United States to be eligible! Thank you dear Fed-Ex. 


Good Luck, and happy basketball viewing!


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Keep Calm And Carry On

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on March 1, 2011

This morning I got to work and found a surprise package sitting on my desk.  There wasn't a return address or note, but I knew exactly what friend had sent it to me when I opened it up and found this necklace.....





I'd seen the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters and other products before, but never in necklace form (I might be late on this trend but I wanted to share anyways).  The pendant is actually made from a recycled Scrabble tile.  Mine is green and has the letter O on the back.  So clever and creative!


If you're interested in getting your own pendant, or gifting it to a friend, they are super inexpensive and there are dozens of shops that sell them online.  For those of you who love the slogan, but jewelry isn't your thing, there are plenty of other products you can find with the same message.


Thank you Thank you, to my wonderful friend for the thoughtful gift, and for the necessary reminder! Don't we all need it every once in a while?   




If you haven't heard about the unique origins of the "Keep Calm And Carry On" slogan, read on!


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