Benefits of Nature for Kids

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Benefits of Nature for Kids

Posted by Alyssa on October 25, 2017


Benefits of Nature for Kids

There are so many benefits of having your kids spend time in nature. Fresh air and open spaces are lacking in so many kids lives, which is a shame when you consider how important being outside in nature is for a child’s development. With the beautiful fall weather, now is the time to get outside! Here are five different benefits of kids in nature from this article listed below. 

Limits Screen Time

Kids spend more than 7 hours a day in front of a screen! This is not healthy or good for a child’s development, and by stepping outside and spending some time at the park or riding a bike will get them away from a screen and boost their overall health. In our family we have a no technology outside rule - if you’re out in nature, enjoy it!

Increases Self Confidence

As stated in the article, “kids exposed to the natural world experience a greater degree of self-control, peace, and disciple.” Dealing with the real world and with the things around them gives children a chance to show how capable and strong they actually are.

Improves Social Skills

Without having a screen, game, or text to hide behind, kids will be able to interact and connect with others around them. The freedom that comes from unstructured playtime outdoors teaches children to collaborate, make friends, and come up with new games to play together.

kids in nature 

Health Benefits

Kids who spend more time outdoors are sick less often than kids who only play indoors. Their immune systems get a boost when they are exposed to the great outdoors. Kids who are active outdoors are also less likely to struggle with obesity and weight issues.

Problem Solving Skills

Being outside teaches kids what risks to take and how to think creatively when it comes to solving problems. This will translate into everyday life when they are faced with stressful situations.


For more information on the benefits of children spending time in nature, read this article from Best For The Kids and let me know what your favorite outdoor activities are!


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