Where To Start When Furnishing A New Home

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Where To Start When Furnishing A New Home

Posted by Andie on October 28, 2017
p img style display block margin-left auto margin-right auto src static.rcwilley.com blog 34 7220 Where-To-Start-When-Furnishing-A-New-Home-first.jpg alt width 714 height 366 p p Moving into a new home is an exciting nerve-wracking happy exhausting and draining process. nbsp So much physical laboring goes into packing cleaning moving unpacking etc. nbsp Not to mention all of the emotions that are involved when you pick up your life and start it over in a new place- even if that place is right down the street p p Bottom line by the time you re actually unpacked for the most part at least and functioning from day to day in your new place you are most likely spent. nbsp After months of work unless you have superhuman powers you are at the very end of your rope. nbsp As much as you want to make everything come together and look polished and curated and beautiful you kind of just want to forget about it and go to bed for a month. nbsp It can be incredibly overwhelming to begin the process of furnishing and decorating your new home especially if you are gaining square footage and are starting out with a lot of empty space and rooms. nbsp Where do you even start nbsp Here are some tips to help simplify the process and keep it fun... img class hidden src https static.rcwilley.com images more-tag.png alt p p 1. Be Okay With Blank Space br As much as it might kill you resist the temptation to fill every wall and furnish every room right away. nbsp Good things take time. nbsp Keep your walls bare in the beginning and let them slowly speak to you. nbsp Don t hang things just to hang them or buy furnishings right away because you want to complete the job. nbsp Be mindful and the right things will find you nbsp It s definitely not a race- it might take months or even years until the task of decorating and furnshing your entire home is finished and that is just fine nbsp br br p p a href Where-To-Start-When-Furnishing-A-New-Hom img style display block margin-left auto margin-right auto src static.rcwilley.com blog 34 7220 Where-To-Start-When-Furnishing-A-New-Home.jpg alt width 514 height 771 br a p p 2. Figure Out Your Design Style br If you aren t already sure about what your style is take some time to figure it out nbsp Cruise pinterest houzz and look through as many magazines as you can. nbsp What styles and colors do you seem to gravitate to nbsp What do you hate nbsp What can you just not live without nbsp If you have a sense of your likes and dislikes before you start the shopping process it will go much smoother. nbsp p p 3. Create a Budget br You might be thinking well duh nbsp But it s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole and spend way more money than you want to or can afford if you aren t specific in the beginning about setting up a budget. nbsp br br p p 4. Prioritize and Make a Plan br You can t expect to furnish and decorate your whole house in a day from a financial or also simply from a time standpoint. nbsp Think about each of the rooms in your home and which ones are most important for you to finish in a timely manner. nbsp It will be different for every family and what is first on your list might be last on someone else s. nbsp Do you like to entertain and have people over often nbsp If so you will probably want to focus your efforts first on the gathering spaces in your home. nbsp If you aren t social but a calming bedroom is your cup of tea start there nbsp Make a plan and prioritize which rooms come first. nbsp br br p p style text-align center a href https www.pinterest.com pin 137993176065656047 img style display block margin-left auto margin-right auto data-src static.rcwilley.com blog 34 7220 Where-To-Start-When-Furnishing-A-New-Home-29513.jpg alt width 462 height 693 a McGee amp Co via Pinterest a href https www.pinterest.com pin 137993176065656047 br a nbsp p p 5. Hire a Designer for a Consult br If you have the funds to hire a designer to help you from start to finish this is a great option. nbsp Even if don t hire a designer to furnish and decorate the whole house hiring them for a one time consult will be well worth it. nbsp They can take a look at your home and how it functions and give you some practical professional advice on where to start. nbsp p p 6. Only Buy What You Love br Be selective about the furnishings accessories and decorations that you purchase. nbsp Don t buy things just because they are on sale or you re getting a killer deal-- if you are patient and only purchase what really speaks to you your home will be original authentic and a place you can t wait to get home to p p nbsp p
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