Christmas Trees: Live vs. Artificial

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Christmas Trees: Live vs. Artificial

Posted by Andie on November 29, 2017


When it comes to most decisions in life, I've found that making a pro's and cons list is one of the best ways to figure out where you stand.  Christmas trees are no different!  Here are my own personal pro's and cons when it comes to live vs. artificial Christmas trees.....

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Live Christmas Trees:

- Such a fun experience going to the Christmas tree farm or the woods to pick your own tree and cut it down with your family!
- Gives your home an amazing evergreen smell
- You get to start over with a new tree every year- different, height, shape, etc.
- You don't have to store an artificial Christmas tree year round.  
- Feels charming & old fashioned
- You can have a bonfire with it after Christmas!

- You spend $$ every year on a Christmas tree
- You have to string the lights on branches every year
- Trees can shed pine needles, making a mess
- Not good for some people with allergies
- Sometimes they die before Christmas if you aren't diligent about watering.
- You have to figure out how to get rid of it after Christmas.


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Artificial Christmas Trees:

- You don't have to re-string lights on branches every year
- You can get a flawless, 'perfect' to your standards tree every single year
- You save $$ in the long run because you get a great return on your investment
- It's easy.  No going to a tree farm/dressing up for the cold/cutting down a tree required.
- You don't have a chance of your Christmas tree dying mid-December.

- You've got to have ample storage space.
- Not quite as idyllic as a live Christmas tree.
- No fresh evergreen smells.


So, there you have it.  In the end, despite the long(er) list of cons associated with it, I'm still a sucker for a live Christmas tree.  Where do you stand??


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