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Rock Gardens

Posted by Alyssa on June 10, 2018

rock garden

If you have a space in your yard that nothing will grow, why not consider putting in a rock garden? Not only will a rock garden cover up an empty eyesore in your yard, it is also a way to conserve water and be a form of xeriscaping. Depending on what kind of rock garden you’ve seen, you may either love or hate the idea. There are, admittedly, some unattractive piles of rocks that have been called a rock garden. On the other hand, though, there are some beautiful rock gardens that could almost be considered a piece of art! Keep reading for ideas on how to make a rock garden and pictures for inspiration. 

Rock Gardens

rock garden

via HGTV

Whatever rocks you include in your rock garden, whether you’ve found them or are purchasing them from the store, make sure you include a variety of sizes. If all your rocks are the same size and general shape, you’ll end up with a boring, uninspired rock pile.

rock garden

via Homesthetics

Map out your rock garden before you get started. You’ll want to think through what kind of plants will be included and plan out where you will be planting them. Draw out what you want it to look like and which stones, especially the larger ones, will go where. You’ll save yourself time - and your back - by putting a little effort in beforehand.

rock garden

via Guiding Home

If you’re going to use plants in your rock garden you need to make sure they will thrive. Succulents and cacti are classic rock garden plants, but any drought tolerant plant will work.

rock garden

via Garden Answers

Rocks come in a variety of colors, as well as sizes. Once you’ve decided on what color scheme is right for your yard, stick with it. This includes the plants and flowers you’ll be planting as well.


Would you consider putting a rock garden in your yard?


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